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Ngugi Wa Thiong'O Nominated For Nobel Prize 2014 - Poem by alexander opicho

Ladbrokes, the online betting firm has once again nominated Ngugi wa Thiong'o as a candidate for Nobel prize in literature 2014.The firm arrives at the probable nominee through a highly polished probabilist mechanism.It also nominated Ngugi as the probable candidate for literature Nobel prize, but the final was Alice Munro the Canadian short story writress.The eventuality of Ngugi winning the literature Nobel prize is a long a waited event in Africa, especially among Kenyans.
However, Ngugi is not the only nominee, he is among others and even to make it worse he is not the top scoring nominee. He has tied with four others at the score of 50/1 points.These are; Umberto Eco who wrote the famous book In the Name of the Rose, Nuruddin Farah a Kenya cum Somalian veteran poet and prose writer and then Darcia Maraini.
There are eleven writers of global stature who are currently scoring above Ngugi wa Thiong'o.They are operating at the level of 50/1 scores. These include; Margaret Atwoo d, Salman Rushdie, Cees Nooteboom, Don DeLillo, Amos Oz, Javier Marias, Cormac McCarthy, Bob Dylan, Peter Handke, William Trevor and Les Murray. The missing writer in this category of global writers is Yan Martel the author of Life of Mr. Pi, whose also on the list of the favourite writers of president Barrack Obama.His book Life of Mr. Pi once shared a prize and equivalent acclaim with Salman Rushdie's The Ground Beneath Her Legs. So, why Martel was not nominated remains the usual intrigues of Nobel nomination process.
Haruki Murakami, Assia Djebar, Svetlana Aleksijevitj, Peter Nadas, Joyce Carol Oates , Adonis, Milan Kundera, Philip Roth, Mircea Cartarescu, Ko Un, Jon Fosse and Thomas Pynchon are currently scoring below Ngugi.They are operating between 10/1 and 26/1 scores.However among them Haruki Murakami, Joyce Carol Oates and Phillip Roth were very story contenders and hence competetors for the same prize with Ngugi during last year.But Joyce Carol Oates is a weaker contender this year given than he recently wrote an offensive and tortius poem against the eminent American poet Robert Frost. Oates drew from the book Lovely, Dark and Deep which paints the Frost as an arrogant, sexist pig who gave up on his mentally ill children. The story has outraged Frost's fans, biographers, and his survivors.
In spite of all these there is no literary value that can make Ngugi wa Thiong'o to deserve a Nobel prize reward for Literature. Apart from his first two books weep not child and the river between that had concrete literary position, his later works are pamphlets of communism, that keep of regurgitating communism as initially written by Karl Marx and France Fanon.His second last book Globalectics is written as annual lectures in respect of Rene Wellek, the books is a practical duplication of Paulo Freire, and Spivak Gavatri.His contemporaries at the University of Nairobi accusing him of tribalism when it came to supervising post graduate students. he was soft on his fellow Kiguyu's and discriminative against Luo and Luhyia students.He lifestyle as communist ideologue is also self defeating as teaches in America at Irvine University, very busy amassing wealth just like any other capitalist.He campaign for vernacular writing is equally not water tight on the bench of praxis, as he himself teaches special English in America but not kiguyu language.
Another stuning revelation from the Swedish academy is nomination of Vladmir Putin the Russian president for Nobel peace prize alongside fifty something organizations as competitors.the nominations is based on his role he played in the Nuclear disarmament of Syria.The Ukraine question has not been yet raised.But logic of these goes like historical imbroglio that puzzled the world in relation to the role of Hitler in relation communism against the then gathering storm for the second world war.

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