Asper Reynolds

Reaching Out - Poem by Asper Reynolds

Memories haunting me
Like ghosts times dead come back to me
Longing to return, waiting to move forward
No way to stay where I am
Put your hand in mine, help me to move on
Yesterday or Tomorrow can hold my dreams
It's up to me to decide
Reaching higher and higher
looking for a star that belong to me
I will set myself free

Poet's Notes about The Poem

A poem I wrote a long time ago when I was a teenager. I took out a paragraph in the middle because I don't feel like it fit.

Comments about Reaching Out by Asper Reynolds

  • Rookie - 429 Points Sina Farajzadeh (12/30/2014 1:57:00 PM)

    Here's my line to line analysis:
    1. Memories are haunting everybody's mind. I agree. (Nostalgic grief is a common theme in many poems)
    2. Nice simileis used to support the previous line
    3. Beautiful paradoxical line. We like ghost are also do not know what to do! A sort of confusion. To grieve beautiful memories of the past or to continue the sour life? (I also believe that these sour moments that we spend will be mostly remembered sweet times in later ages of us!)
    4. Moving is the best one can do. One learns and accordingly changes.
    5. This linecan be taken as a referecne to love and beloved. But I disagree. Most of the time people will let you down. You should learn to stand by yourself and lean on no one. You may disagree it for now but life is a strict teacher who will let you learn it.
    6. It's nice oxymoron and paradox to put past and present beside each other. Dreams are the motives to keep us alive and let us try. Try then, to achive your goals and live your dreams.
    7. This line reminds me of a deep philosophical question. Is man free? Do we have options or choice in life? Well, you believe that it's up to you to decide. But I believe in just some cases we decide and our decisions make our lives go whereever we want them to go. However, most of the time men and women are condemned to accept their forced (or determined) choice. Their lives may not be the way they imagined (or decided!) . So, we as humans should decide but in order to get what we decided we have to try. If we try and our attempt comes to be vain we will not regret it. (Becasue we already did our best... So, if the result is not satisfactory it is not our fault.) We mortal humans should learn that there is some kind of determinism in life and no logical person will not deny it.
    8. Reaching higher and higher. I belive in it. The more ambitious dreams for a life the more better it will be. By ambitious I don't mean vain and impossible wishes. We should tray to get what we think we deserve.
    9. Stars do not belong to people. Star do not care about others. People should. Sorry nowadays they don't.(I think it's a superstitious belief and a cliche in some works.)
    10. Like line 7 the last line also is about free will. We think we are free but our freedom is already doomed to be restricted. (Example: If you want to do something and even if you have 50 options and chioces you are already limited because you only have 50 options and not 51. So, we are slaves of our choices. As George Orwell believed Slavery is Freedom

    Sorry for my too long comment. I hate it when people want to advise me and I hate to advise others. I just expressed my feelings for yor lines, for I enjoyed reading them.
    Thanks - Sina (Report) Reply

    Rookie - 95 Points A Reynolds (7/2/2015 3:15:00 AM)

    Thanks, I enjoyed reading your take on this poem. :)

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