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  • 1.
    A Goodnight

    Go to sleep--though of course you will not--
    to tideless waves thundering slantwise against
    strong embankments, rattle and swish of spray
    dashed thirty feet high, caught by the lake wind,
    scattered and strewn broadcast in over the steady
    car rails! Sleep, sleep! Gulls' cries in a wind-gust
    broken by the wind; calculating wings set above
    the field of waves breaking.
    Go to sleep to the lunge between foam-crests,
    refuse churned in the recoil. Food! Food!
    Offal! Offal! that holds them in the air, wave-white
    for the one purpose, feather upon feather, the wild
    chill in their eyes, the hoarseness in their voices--
    sleep, sleep . . .

    Gentlefooted crowds are treading out your lullaby.
    Their arms nudge, they brush shoulders,
    hitch this way then that, mass and surge at the crossings--
    lullaby, lullaby! The wild-fowl police whistles,
    the enraged roar of the traffic, machine shrieks:
    it is all to put you to sleep,
    to soften your limbs in relaxed postures,
    and that your head slip sidewise, and your hair loosen
    and fall over your eyes and over your mouth,
    brushing your lips wistfully that you may dream,
    sleep and dream--

    A black fungus springs out about the lonely church doors--
    sleep, sleep. The Night, coming down upon
    the wet boulevard, would start you awake with his
    message, to have in at your window. Pay no
    heed to him. He storms at your sill with
    cooings, with gesticulations, curses!
    You will not let him in. He would keep you from sleeping.
    He would have you sit under your desk lamp
    brooding, pondering; he would have you
    slide out the drawer, take up the ornamented dagger
    and handle it. It is late, it is nineteen-nineteen--
    go to sleep, his cries are a lullaby;
    his jabbering is a sleep-well-my-baby; he is
    a crackbrained messenger.

    The maid waking you in the morning
    when you are up and dressing,
    the rustle of your clothes as you raise them--
    it is the same tune.
    At table the cold, greeninsh, split grapefruit, its juice
    on the tongue, the clink of the spoon in
    your coffee, the toast odors say it over and over.

    The open street-door lets in the breath of
    the morning wind from over the lake.
    The bus coming to a halt grinds from its sullen brakes--
    lullaby, lullaby. The crackle of a newspaper,
    the movement of the troubled coat beside you--
    sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep . . .
    It is the sting of snow, the burning liquor of
    the moonlight, the rush of rain in the gutters packed
    with dead leaves: go to sleep, go to sleep.
    And the night passes--and never passes-- read more »

  • 2.
    * A Dream Fallen Out Of Sleep

    Outside the abode of our sleep
    Somewhere a dream burns
    Somewhere tears sparkle
    Somewhere a moon smoulders read more »

  • 3.
    Sleeping at last

    Sleeping at last, the trouble and tumult over,
    Sleeping at last, the struggle and horror past,
    Cold and white, out of sight of friend and of lover,
    Sleeping at last. read more »

  • 4.
    The Sad Mother

    Sleep, sleep, my beloved,
    without worry, without fear,
    although my soul does not sleep,
    although I do not rest. read more »

  • 5.
    Sleep Now, O Sleep Now

    Sleep now, O sleep now,
    O you unquiet heart!
    A voice crying "Sleep now"
    Is heard in my heart. read more »

  • 6.
    Holy Innocents

    Sleep, little Baby, sleep,
    The holy Angels love thee,
    And guard thy bed, and keep
    A blessed watch above thee. read more »

  • 7.
    Ghazal 314

    You who are not kept anxiously awake for love's sake, sleep on.
    In restless search for that river, we hurry along; read more »

  • 8.
    Norse lullaby

    The sky is dark and the hills are white
    As the storm-king speeds from the north to-night,
    And this is the song the storm-king sings,
    As over the world his cloak he flings: read more »

  • 9.
    Work, Sleep, Work, Sleep, Work

    Work, sleep, work, sleep,
    Work, sleep, work, sleep,
    Work, sleep, work, sleep,
    Work: read more »

  • 10.
    Desire Blooming On Air-Creeper Of Sleeplessness

    Let me sleep
    Centuries old deep
    And long sleep
    Devoid of any dream. read more »

  • 11.
    ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' TO SLEEP OR NOT TO SLEEP

    To sleep
    perchance to...snore!

    I can only dream read more »

  • 12.

    the sky's beauty
    is seen when the world is sleeping
    the mind's beauty
    is seen when the man is sleeping read more »

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