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Poems of Propertius

1. An early summons 12/6/2003
2. An early visit 12/6/2003
3. Deliverance 12/6/2003
4. Recovery 12/6/2003
5. The homecoming 11/29/2003
6. Waylaid by Love 12/6/2003


Persephone, may this your mercy last, and you,
Persephone's consort, be not over-cruel.
There are so many thousands of lovely ghosts in Hell:
let one fair girl, please, stay among the living.
With you is Iope, with you is dazzling Tyro,
with you Europe, and shameless Pasiphae,
and all the beauties ancient Troy and Achaea had,
and Thebes, and aged Priam's ruined realm,
and all the Roman girls that may be ranked among them,

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