Quel Saige

Quel Saige Poems

1. To Poetry Or Not To Be 3/27/2013
2. Rêverie 3/27/2013
3. The Funeral Procession 3/27/2013
4. One Feared That He Mightn'T Find A Victim 3/28/2013
5. The Blankspace 3/28/2013
6. Letter From A Phantom 3/30/2013
7. Lion's Tooth 4/18/2013
8. Amicable 4/18/2013
9. Ardent 4/18/2013
10. Just An Old Tragedy 4/11/2013
11. Less One 4/7/2013
12. The Not-Know 4/7/2013
13. Quantum Schizophrenia 3/27/2013
14. These Cherry Blossoms Drifting Everywhere 3/30/2013
15. Behind Thee 4/12/2013
16. As I Kneel 3/30/2013
17. A Little Ruby-Throated Bird 4/15/2013
Best Poem of Quel Saige

A Little Ruby-Throated Bird

A little ruby-throated bird
Landed there without a word
Upon the roof, the bird alighted
Looking regally beknighted
In brown and red and black and white
This merry bird was quite a sight
And then he up and flew away.
That is all I have to say.

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The Blankspace

it's a very dangerous place to be
when all you can hear is the sound
of your own voice

and the violin drones in the background
playing mute to the tune
of your own blank canvas

and the box of the sound of you

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