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1. The Witness (For M And For S) 10/5/2007
2. Envying The Egyptians (For Cecil B. De Mille) 3/23/2008
3. Waiting For A Train...For 'M' 6/21/2008
4. Repentance 7/10/2008
5. Parallel (For Karen) 7/18/2008
6. The Heart (For Ali-Ba) 7/19/2008
7. Today I Cut 8/14/2008
8. You Know What I Wish? 8/15/2008
9. No Muse No Poems No Hope (W/ App. To E. E.) 8/21/2008
10. Today This Soul 9/12/2008
11. Dear Frank O'Hara 9/12/2008
12. My Heart Fluttered... 'I Have Remembrances Of Yours... 9/13/2008
13. Peaches 10/2/2008
14. Why Poets Have Jaundiced Eyes 10/15/2008
15. The Question At Five A.M. (For Anjani) 10/18/2008
16. An Agreement With God 10/21/2008
17. This Morning I Went To Take A Walk...(York Avenue) 10/21/2008
18. After Emily Bronte 11/3/2008
19. For The Cutter 11/9/2008
20. For Most Folks Deception Is 11/9/2008
21. Neglect 11/10/2008
22. Night 11/11/2008
23. Hazel's Alone 11/12/2008
24. Christmas Lament... For Tony 11/25/2008
25. What I Can Do Out Of The Goodness Of My Heart...For Awhile 12/18/2008
26. My Coat... For Norman (If God Wills It So) 12/20/2008
27. Christmas Banshees 12/23/2008
28. For Annshalike 12/30/2008
29. Before The Ousting 1/28/2009
30. I Look Into Your Eyes 1/28/2009
31. Poets.. (For Mark G And Ron S) ...Whoever They May Be 1/28/2009
32. Hymn To Abduction...With Thanks To Norman Who Inspired This 1/29/2009
33. Separate Graves (For You) 1/30/2009
34. To Be Obsessed With Dalliance 2/3/2009
35. Trifle 2/7/2009
36. Winter Fruit (For Mary O.) 2/7/2009
37. Walking In Traffic For E.E., And The Blind Man I Do Not Know 2/11/2009
38. One More 2/13/2009
39. Now The Monster Comes! 2/19/2009
40. The Only Love Poem For You 2/19/2009
Best Poem of r james sterzinger

I Wanna Touch God

i wanna
touch god
where he lives
if it's silence
or vibration.

i wanna reach
out to see
if he is real.
like when you
skin a knee
or break a beer
bottle on the side
walk and hear it

i wanna smell god
like the sun when it's
hot and yellow.

i wanna see god
like emptiness.
that rainbow moment
when something means something:
when the east is pitchblack
and the western sky
is just right.
like a rainbow.

i wanna touch god
feel him
like bactine in
a cut.
i wanna feel him, ...

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Parallel (For Karen)

Because we were parallel,
We had spent days
Together. Holding hands
And giggles.

Because we were
Parallel, we swam
In the river, did things
That scared the fishes.

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