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Rahul Chaturvedi

Poems of Rahul Chaturvedi

1. Better Than I Know Myself 3/27/2012
2. I Will Try To Fix You 4/21/2012
3. Lonely 3/19/2012
4. Look how the stars shine for you......... 4/7/2012
5. quotation 3/29/2012
6. The Reason Is You 3/26/2012
7. You Are Beautiful 3/16/2012

You Are Beautiful

You are beautiful
Not only because of the brownness of your eyes
Or the shape of your body
Not only because of the fullness of your lips
Or the curl of your eye lashes

You are beautiful because You want to be
You are beautiful because God made you that way
You are beautiful because in my eyes

[Hata Bildir]