Treasure Island

Rajiv Prajapati

(1996-8-4 / Bhaktapur, Nepal)

Poems of Rajiv Prajapati

1. A bit of Heartache 8/26/2010
2. A Dying Man 1/25/2010
3. Captivity 1/28/2010
4. Coma 1/16/2010
5. Death in Sleep, OBE and a Ghost 1/16/2010
6. Madman 8/26/2010
7. Puppet 5/15/2010
8. The Power 1/16/2010
9. Thornman 1/18/2010
10. Truth And Ignorance 3/25/2010
11. White Light 4/9/2010

The Power

A wave of power rushes past you on a windy day
waving your hair into disarray and tingling your skin
A formless power makes you comfortable in the biting cold
the same power fills you in agony, pain and suffering
when you go straight to possess the heart of that comfortable power
and it is the same power which falls out of the clouds in little drops
and each of these are a single form of power
for the power is in the air
and the power is in the fire and the power is in the water.

[Hata Bildir]