Rajiv Prajapati

(1996-8-4 / Bhaktapur, Nepal)

Poems of Rajiv Prajapati

1. A bit of Heartache 8/26/2010
2. A Dying Man 1/25/2010
3. Captivity 1/28/2010
4. Coma 1/16/2010
5. Death in Sleep, OBE and a Ghost 1/16/2010
6. Madman 8/26/2010
7. Puppet 5/15/2010
8. The Power 1/16/2010
9. Thornman 1/18/2010
10. Truth And Ignorance 3/25/2010
11. White Light 4/9/2010


I actually wrote this in paragraphs so I don't know if it can be called a poem. But it can't even be called an essay. Read on.

'Once upon a time, I had a life. Once upon a time, I was alive, free and whole.
Once upon a time in life, I had something more to do, and once upon a time in that
life, I had something to be grateful for.
But a simple dream, that I saw in that life,
haunted me day and night. A simple dream I saw in that life, engulf

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