Treasure Island

renu kakkar

Poems of renu kakkar

1. A Caged Bird's Song For Freedom 10/18/2011
2. A Catastrophy in Japan 9/11/2011
3. A Child's Plight 9/11/2011
4. A different type of homework 10/28/2011
5. A girl in white 10/17/2011
6. A magical Christmas Tree 9/11/2011
7. A memory of childhood 9/11/2011
8. A new world of love 9/11/2011
9. A Place Of Love 11/20/2011
10. A prayer for a loved one 9/11/2011
11. A Shattered Dream 9/11/2011
12. A Shooting Star For Me 8/8/2013
13. A special person 9/17/2011
14. A Sweet Song Of Love 10/23/2011
15. A warning by Mother Earth 9/11/2011
16. An Ambulance passes 5/24/2012
17. Anna Hazare's Call 9/11/2011
18. Are we alone? 9/11/2011
19. Being Truthful Does Not Gel Today 6/23/2014
20. Beloved Stranger 9/11/2011


As the sun rises every day spreading its warmth and light,
build your character every day with good thoughts, attitude, deeds and forsight.
Like the sun your warmth will spread to all creatures small and great,
people will come to you thinking you are God's messenger or saint.

It is said that god helps those who help themselves,
sometimes god wants you to help less fortunate selves.
For them you become a becon of light,
to solve their problems without a sigh or fright.

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