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renu kakkar

Poems of renu kakkar

1. A Caged Bird's Song For Freedom 10/18/2011
2. A Catastrophy in Japan 9/11/2011
3. A Child's Plight 9/11/2011
4. A different type of homework 10/28/2011
5. A girl in white 10/17/2011
6. A magical Christmas Tree 9/11/2011
7. A memory of childhood 9/11/2011
8. A new world of love 9/11/2011
9. A Place Of Love 11/20/2011
10. A prayer for a loved one 9/11/2011
11. A Shattered Dream 9/11/2011
12. A Shooting Star For Me 8/8/2013
13. A special person 9/17/2011
14. A Sweet Song Of Love 10/23/2011
15. A warning by Mother Earth 9/11/2011
16. An Ambulance passes 5/24/2012
17. Anna Hazare's Call 9/11/2011
18. Are we alone? 9/11/2011
19. Being Truthful Does Not Gel Today 6/23/2014
20. Beloved Stranger 9/11/2011

In your memory

My thoughts go to you when I am alone,
a smile lights up my face on its own.
Like a flower bud that is opening,
with great zeal to see what is happening.

You always treated life in a jovial manner,
I start to laugh when I kind of remember.
Upon getting annoyed with you on any discussion,
you'd say you wanted to have with me an altercation.

[Hata Bildir]