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1. A Complete Unknown 6/19/2009
2. The Past 6/19/2009
3. Imagine 6/19/2009
4. My Friend 6/19/2009
5. The First Love 6/19/2009
6. A Broken Heart 6/19/2009
7. Eyes 6/19/2009
8. The Beach 6/19/2009
9. The Dark Night 6/19/2009
10. I Wish 6/19/2009
11. Lets Fly 6/20/2009
12. Im The One 6/20/2009
13. The Lost Ones 6/20/2009
14. Please Be Mine 6/20/2009
15. Music 6/20/2009
16. My Child 6/20/2009
17. Death 6/20/2009
18. The Brave Attack 6/20/2009
19. The Dark Corner 6/20/2009
20. A Hard Death 6/20/2009
21. Come Back 6/21/2009
22. A Revenge Story 6/21/2009
23. War 6/21/2009
24. My Star In The Sky 6/21/2009
25. The Distance In Your Eyes 6/21/2009
26. A Life 6/21/2009
27. Do You Love Me 6/21/2009
28. Our Soul 6/21/2009
29. Love In The Dark 6/21/2009
30. A Closer Moon 6/21/2009
31. Young Again 6/21/2009
32. A Dream 6/21/2009
33. Why Fly So High 6/21/2009
34. Falling On My Side 6/21/2009
35. A Mile 6/21/2009
36. Flying From The Sky 6/21/2009
37. Love Me 6/21/2009
38. Why Cry 6/21/2009
39. Avenging Your Love 6/21/2009
40. My Sun 6/21/2009
Best Poem of richard belis

Happiness And Sadness

Happiness what is it, is it love,
or is it just another sound, another word,
happiness is just another thing,
happiness is just another thing to believe in,

Happiness is only for those who deserve,
those who do not won't get the happiness,
those who are happy I pity them,
they know nothing, nothing about this world,

Happiness is evil, we may not see this,
but its true, happiness is evil in so many ways,
happiness is a disguise for the true world,
the hard, cold, hard loving world we live in today,

Happiness is the only feeling you ...

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My Love

My love, my love what can I say, your beauty surpasses anything,
Your smile so wide and loving, your caring, your loving,
Your everything I wish I can be and more, your my other half,
Your my only love in this world, no other. Your the only one for me,
I will always love your gentle smile, I will always love your feel on my cheek,
So smooth but so cold, Your the only one for me,
So come and be with me. For together we'll be, in life and more,
ill always love you no matter what your

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