Rita Dove

Rita Dove Poems

1. Trans— 6/23/2015
2. Taking In Wash 3/18/2015
3. Reverie In Open Air 10/12/2013
4. The Cane Fields 10/11/2013
5. Borderline Mambo 2/22/2014
6. November For Beginners 10/11/2013
7. Testimonial 10/12/2013
8. Straw Hat 2/22/2014
9. Dusting 10/11/2013
10. Wingfoot Lake 10/21/2013
11. Ludwig Von Beethoven's Return To Vienna 2/22/2014
12. Lines Composed On The Body Politic 10/11/2013
13. The Great Palaces Of Versailles 10/21/2013
14. Banneker 10/11/2013
15. Canary 10/11/2013
16. Fifth Grade Autobiography 10/11/2013
17. Wiring Home 10/21/2013
18. Vacation 10/21/2013
19. My Father Enters The Work Force 10/21/2013
20. Exit 10/11/2013
21. The Secret Garden 10/21/2013
22. Golden Oldie 10/11/2013
23. Lady Freedom Among Us 10/21/2013
24. Cozy Apologia 10/11/2013
25. Heart To Heart 10/11/2013
26. Chocolate 2/6/2015
27. Shirt Sleeved 2/22/2014
28. Adolescence I 2/22/2014
29. "Teach Us To Number Our Days&Quot; 10/11/2013
30. "I Have Been A Stranger In A Strange Land&Quot; 10/11/2013
31. Flirtation 10/11/2013
Best Poem of Rita Dove


After all, there's no need
to say anything
at first. An orange, peeled
and quartered, flares
like a tulip on a wedge wood plate
Anything can happen.
Outside the sun
has rolled up her rugs
and night strewn salt
across the sky. My heart
is humming a tune
I haven't heard in years!
Quiet's cool flesh—
let's sniff and eat it.
There are ways
to make of the moment
a topiary
so the pleasure's in
walking through.

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Cozy Apologia

I could pick anything and think of you—
This lamp, the wind-still rain, the glossy blue
My pen exudes, drying matte, upon the page.
I could choose any hero, any cause or age
And, sure as shooting arrows to the heart,
Astride a dappled mare, legs braced as far apart
As standing in silver stirrups will allow—
There you'll be, with furrowed brow
And chain mail glinting, to set me free:

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