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1. Now Keeping Pace 11/28/2007
2. A Bell Too Soon (Her First Recess) 11/30/2007
3. Sanctuary 11/28/2007
4. Field Trip Monitor 11/28/2007
5. The Preferential Please 11/29/2007
6. Science To Test 11/29/2007
7. A January Fear 11/28/2007
8. In Memoriam (A Child Missed) 11/30/2007
9. Personal Attention 11/28/2007
10. I Am Defiance 2/7/2008
11. Johnny's Walking Down The Hallway 11/28/2007
12. Ld Unexplained To Me 11/28/2007
13. Play 11/28/2007
14. Self 11/28/2007
15. Frost (The Teacher's Journey) 11/28/2007
16. Flash Cards 11/28/2007
17. A Simple Matter 11/28/2007
18. A Teacher's Pledge 11/28/2007
19. A Hug At Arms Length 11/28/2007
20. A Resilient Child 11/28/2007
21. A Child's Plea 11/28/2007
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A Child's Plea

lest i be forgotten
(please notice me today)

forget that i was rotten
as we plan another day

yesterday is behind me
another day ahead

if only you'll forgive me
and welcome me instead

my behavior was uncalled for
but your attention i did get

if only you'd include me
both our intentions would be met

(copyright 1993-2007)

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Main occupation of children enhanced
Life's mode of learning given a chance

Best done when not eating sleeping or complying
Interfering rejecting ridiculing or denying

Watching and imitating interacting with some
Acquiring language...Relating will come

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