Rohit Sapra

Rookie (7 August 1984 / Gwalior)

Rohit Sapra Poems

1. In Purest Of Forms -new- 4/27/2015
2. Beauty Remains Precious -new- 4/27/2015
3. Resides In My Heart Always -new- 4/24/2015
4. By Being In Love -new- 4/24/2015
5. Emotions Tell The Heart -new- 4/25/2015
6. Beautiful Is The Nature Of Hope -new- 4/26/2015
7. The Heart Does Realize One Thing 4/6/2015
8. True Smiles Continue To Remain 4/8/2015
9. Beautiful Ocean Which Surrounds 4/8/2015
10. A Voyage In My Dreams 4/8/2015
11. Love Is For Art 4/9/2015
12. Nature Presents Only Beauty 4/10/2015
13. Ocean Holds Life 4/11/2015
14. Be The Same Always 4/11/2015
15. Love Is Forever A True Emotion 4/12/2015
16. Shades Represent Various Feelings 4/12/2015
17. A Way To Understand -new- 4/13/2015
18. Beautiful Image Of Nature Inspires So Much -new- 4/14/2015
19. Nature Is So Colourful -new- 4/14/2015
20. To Be Somewhere -new- 4/16/2015
21. In My Own World I Remain -new- 4/16/2015
22. Being Simple And The Same -new- 4/18/2015
23. A Language Of Thoughts -new- 4/18/2015
24. Colours Express True Hope 3/22/2015
25. Hopeful Shades Can Never Die 3/23/2015
26. Nature Only Has One Creator 3/23/2015
27. Beautiful Glow Remains In The Air 3/18/2015
28. Rise Of The Sun Means Brightness 3/23/2015
29. A Heart Glows Through -new- 4/19/2015
30. Feelings Are Forever Lasting -new- 4/19/2015
31. Through Dreams -new- 4/19/2015
32. A Universe Which Holds Life -new- 4/20/2015
33. With A Fixed Purpose -new- 4/20/2015
34. Nothing More And Nothing Less -new- 4/20/2015
35. Beautiful Flowers Are Forever So True -new- 4/22/2015
36. Soul Always Remains -new- 4/24/2015
37. Dreams Are All That Remain 12/20/2014
38. A Glowing Morning 12/21/2014
39. Flowers Represent Beauty 12/23/2014
40. Caged In Life 12/23/2014
Best Poem of Rohit Sapra

Please Forever Keep On Smiling

When I was lost you showed me the way
You showed me the way, towards something known as hope.
Whenever I cried, you made me smile so much
How can I ever thank you enough?
Not even thanks can make up for it
As you became the guiding angel of my life
Showed me just the exact way, so I do not get lost again and again
How can I ever say thanks to you?
You made me smile, when I cried so much
Almost, ended up ripping my soul apart
You stitched my soul back together
To make it as whole
You showed me the path towards heaven, by saving this suffering soul
You ...

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Yesterday Night

Yesterday night, the Christmas star was hanging on the wall
I was remembering you all throughout the Christmas
As I know that you do celebrate it
However, that day I did not hear anything from you
Although, the next day I did get a mms message in which you had expressed
I love you my sweetheart.
Honestly, I deleted it because I do not love you anymore
Anyhow, I cannot deny that you used to mean a lot to me
Everything has actually finished, just be very happy

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