Russell Nero

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Russell Nero Poems

161. Mysterious Everything Is To My Curiosity 5/19/2013
162. Mystery 10/8/2013
163. Never Win 11/1/2013
164. No Bravado Or Confidence, Just A Confusing Coincidence 6/17/2013
165. No Excuses And Well, No Results 12/15/2013
166. 'No One Will Remember Me' 5/15/2013
167. No Rope 8/10/2013
168. Null And Void 5/10/2013
169. Oh Nevermind 1/6/2014
170. 'Oh, Woe Is Me' 9/29/2013
171. One Man Drinking Games 8/20/2013
172. One Star I Called Mine 5/30/2013
173. Open Book, Open Letter 1/19/2014
174. Open My Eyes But Let Me Refuse 8/11/2013
175. Ordinary 9/13/2013
176. Painted Gray, A Castle 5/20/2013
177. Paperthin Dreams 8/31/2013
178. Paperweight 4/25/2015
179. Paradox Of Silence 5/14/2013
180. Pardon My Analogy 6/22/2013
181. Past The Memories 1/19/2014
182. Pathetic 5/15/2013
183. Perfect Disaster 9/4/2013
184. Pondering The Same Old Entry 6/17/2013
185. Porcelain Statues Bleached In Blood 5/10/2013
186. Pretend 1/19/2014
187. Prisoner Of My Own Advice 8/31/2013
188. Promised 9/9/2013
189. Puppet Without Strings But With A Song 6/17/2013
190. Quietus Of A Bird; Entity Of Serenity 5/9/2013
191. Rain 9/1/2013
192. Ramblings 11/15/2013
193. Rant Of A Sorcerer 10/25/2014
194. Recoiling, I'M Beyond Useless 5/19/2013
195. Red Flags 5/10/2013
196. Repeating Rheteric 9/3/2013
197. Retractional Setback 10/5/2013
198. Riot Vibrantly Painted 8/30/2013
199. Scarlett Jade 5/14/2013
200. Scarred Heart 9/6/2013
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The Bright Red Of A Rosebud

Calling…calling who…
Does the name belong to her, the one I still finger the touch of her lips upon mine
Does the lonely picture in my pocket portray her, the one I keep resting in my wallet
The one my lips touch everyday in a small instant
Rose…her name drives the very strength out of me
Leaving me pale stricken, glossy eyed
In a moment filled eclipse of irrelevant static
The static mimicking the sound of a thousand buzzing flies
Slowly encompassing me in deliberate darkness
Rose…what is the reason I know of you
Rose…what is the reason to why I...

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Hello again dear entry
dear sweet entry
Forgive me dear entry
Can you find it in your pages to forgive me
I apologize for my constant absence
and my consistence of being forgetfully incomplete
I could name every reason why I have sadly been away
why I have been covertly afraid
yet it would only be an endless page of useless excuses

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