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S.zaynub Kamoonpuri Poems

1. Travel Update 12/25/2012
2. Announcing Winners Of My Riddle Poem, 12/10/2013
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5. Elegy 'n' Eulogy For Mohammed Ali Clay 8/1/2016
6. Pop Goes Passion 5/20/2015
7. A Haunted House 7/3/2015
8. Brides Worldwide 10/14/2015
9. Ode To A Snail 3/1/2016
10. Rhyming Discourse On Abstract Poetry 10/6/2014
11. My 1st Attempt At Abstract 10/28/2014
12. Tom Cat Curiosity 4/17/2015
13. Aaa The Jealous Leper 9/30/2013
14. Kkkkk.Autumn's Ceremony 4/16/2013
15. Gratitude For Gratis Favors 1/16/2014
16. Elegy And Eulogy For Sir Abdul Kalam 8/24/2015
17. A Religion That Rhymes With Time 5/5/2015
18. Weighty Worries? ;) 12/8/2012
19. The 2nd Eid- Baqrid 10/28/2012
20. Jumbo Jet Versus The Jackdaw 6/8/2013
21. Aaaaaaa.) Nature's Beauty Pageant 9/14/2013
22. The Merits Of Fasting 7/15/2013
23. Scenery Medley Contrasts! 11/20/2012
24. A Special Solar Eclipse 9/2/2016
25. Measuring Measured Love 3/25/2013
26. Aaaaa.How The Gambling Haram Harms 9/6/2013
27. Fantastic Flora Masquerade 10/5/2013
28. Cocktail Of Kalaeidoscope 10/25/2013
29. The Matchless Unparalelled Artist Of The Universe. 8/30/2014
30. Conversing Muse 3/11/2014
31. Mortal Beauty 1/17/2013
32. Touristic Tanzania 7/30/2015
33. Selecting Relaxation Techniques 2/23/2014
34. To The Tune Of 'Dust Thou Art' N To Dust Returnest' 11/28/2013
35. I'M The Scaredycat Weaker Sex But 11/1/2013
36. (bbbb) Poetic Perfumery 6/20/2013
37. Molten Or Metallic Marvels 12/2/2012
38. The Royal, The Regal Versus The Poet's Realm 10/1/2012
39. Tiny Vampire 5/7/2013
40. Aaaaa Horses Are Heroes 8/22/2013
Best Poem of S.zaynub Kamoonpuri

Fauna's Lost And Found!

To purses of leather
one lost its skin
One lost its feather
to hats and decors
Another lost its fur
to those mink coats
One lost its tooth
to ivory bangles gosh!

Many lost their lives
to heartless hunters
Not only are they
on animal property encroaching
They are selfishly and greedily
also poaching
Alas! Alas! Alas!
Woe to that cut throat
fine and fancy fur coat
They lost it all to ruthless
merciless, thoughtless poachers
And even if this lost was found later
and confiscated by officers
Still how do you restore
this lost ...

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Thoughts On Turning 30

They might wish me 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'
or even 'many happy returns of the day'.
My folks send me gifts and greeting
congratulating me
on a life that's fleeting?
Yeah, so I happen to be pessimistic on this
One who sees the hour-glass of life half empty
rather than half full.
For I vision each birthday

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