Sacha Hayes O'Grady

Sacha Hayes O'Grady Poems

1. If I Should Wake Up And Be Old 1/10/2013
2. Who Profits While The People Pay 3/1/2013
3. Persephone 3/2/2013
4. A Fragment 3/2/2013
5. A Lamentation 3/9/2013
6. The Solitary Rose 3/10/2013
7. The Constellations Keep Their Time 8/13/2013
8. Amid The Awful Multitude 12/7/2013
9. How Cruel This World In Which We Live 12/7/2013
10. The Clouds Amass 1/18/2014
11. To The Muses 9/13/2014
12. To A Homeless Person 2/21/2013
13. Farewell Forever 10/20/2014
14. On The Loss Of A Loved One 10/4/2014
15. All Mortal Creatures Pass Away 3/1/2013
16. To A Friend 1/11/2013
17. Beneath The Dome Of Ancient Night 1/11/2013
18. The Spider Knits Its Silver Web 12/7/2013
Best Poem of Sacha Hayes O'Grady

The Spider Knits Its Silver Web

The spider knits its silver web,
In hope to seize a falling star,
While all the while the moon does ebb,
Still gazing at it from afar.

For yet I think a stronger thread
Do you and I together weave,
How when apart, my spirit’s fled,
Half of my heart, I hate to leave.

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To A Homeless Person

I am a ghost among the crowd
Between the living and the dead,
As a shadow or passing cloud
I drift without a home or bed.

The days are long, the night's are cold,
A cigarette's my only friend,
My face is worn, my marrow's old,
Resigned to wounds time cannot mend.

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