Sacha Hayes O'Grady

Sacha Hayes O'Grady Poems

1. If I Should Wake Up And Be Old 1/10/2013
2. Who Profits While The People Pay 3/1/2013
3. Persephone 3/2/2013
4. A Fragment 3/2/2013
5. A Lamentation 3/9/2013
6. The Solitary Rose 3/10/2013
7. The Constellations Keep Their Time 8/13/2013
8. Amid The Awful Multitude 12/7/2013
9. How Cruel This World In Which We Live 12/7/2013
10. The Clouds Amass 1/18/2014
11. To The Muses 9/13/2014
12. To A Homeless Person 2/21/2013
13. Farewell Forever 10/20/2014
14. On The Loss Of A Loved One 10/4/2014
15. All Mortal Creatures Pass Away 3/1/2013
16. To A Friend 1/11/2013
17. Beneath The Dome Of Ancient Night 1/11/2013
18. The Spider Knits Its Silver Web 12/7/2013
Best Poem of Sacha Hayes O'Grady

The Spider Knits Its Silver Web

The spider knits its silver web,
In hope to seize a falling star,
While all the while the moon does ebb,
Still gazing at it from afar.

For yet I think a stronger thread
Do you and I together weave,
How when apart, my spirit’s fled,
Half of my heart, I hate to leave.

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To A Friend

On Death's dark path, my friend has gone,
That final road we fear to tread,
Confined to dust, a light which shone
How all too brief, for He is dead.

Now only cloth and bones remain
Beneath that earth, an awful form
Of human fate, where he has lain
Unmoving, whence the gnawing worm

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