Sacha Hayes O'Grady

Poems of Sacha Hayes O'Grady

1. A Fragment 3/2/2013
2. A Lamentation 3/9/2013
3. All Mortal Creatures Pass Away 3/1/2013
4. Amid the awful multitude 12/7/2013
5. Beneath The Dome Of Ancient Night 1/11/2013
6. How Cruel This World In Which We Live 12/7/2013
7. If I Should Wake Up and Be Old 1/10/2013
8. Persephone 3/2/2013
9. The Clouds Amass 1/18/2014
10. The Constellations keep their Time 8/13/2013
11. The Solitary Rose 3/10/2013
12. The spider knits its silver web 12/7/2013
13. To A Friend 1/11/2013
14. To a Homeless Person 2/21/2013
15. Who Profits While The People Pay 3/1/2013

A Fragment

All earthly life is rearranged,
While the heavens remain unchanged,
Stars rise, though we ourselves expire,
And to soil our souls retire.

So let us love, and let us drink,
And in our sober moments think.
For when we cease, there is no more,
Than the tide of all that's gone before.

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