Saiom Shriver

Gold Star - 6,135 Points (Ohio)

Saiom Shriver Poems

2401. Zygote 2/23/2015
2402. Zz 45 Million Factory Farmed Chickens In Us Dead Of Avian Flu 6/4/2015
2403. Zz Bear Protector David Riley Bertsch 8/7/2014
2404. Zz Toxins In Cow, Pig, Sheep, Bird, Fish Flesh, And Animal Products 6/4/2015
2405. Zz Us Govt Helping Kidnap Liberians 10/13/2014
2406. Zz Was Hitler A Vegetarian 7/31/2014
2407. Zz Words Of Sathya Sai Baba 9/12/2014
2408. Zz 19 Ways The U.S.D.A. Kills People, Animals, Birds And/Or Trees 5/27/2015
2409. Zz 42 Causes Of Alzheimer's But Prime One Is Homocysteine In Meat And Fish 1/25/2014
2410. Zz 48 Of The Ways The World's Militaries War On Animals 7/2/2014
2411. Zz A Fruitarian Litany: Eden Food 10/5/2014
2412. Zz A Man Who Planned Saddam Hussein's Illegal Execution 10/20/2014
2413. Zz A Tiny Fraction Of The World's Most Heinous Experiments On Animals 6/11/2015
2414. Zz Amtrak And Pets 11/20/2014
2415. Zz Animals Flunk These 2014 Candidates 10/25/2014
2416. Zz Apartment Buildings Of India 3/21/2014
2417. Zz Are You Drinking Antkiller? 2/12/2014
2418. Zz As Fukushima Poisons Pour Into Pacific, Dangers Of Fish Consumption Accelerate 1/12/2014
2419. Zz As Many As 6 Million Pigs Dead Of Virus In Us, Mexico, Canada 4/9/2014
2420. Zz Black Ops Designed To Initiate Wars 6/3/2014
2421. Zz Bomb Abroad. Spank At Home 9/18/2014
2422. Zz Causes Of Heart Attacks 6/15/2015
2423. Zz Cigarette Toxins Make A Smoking Gun 12/9/2014
2424. Zz Companies Using Sugar Burn Animals Alive 8/29/2014
2425. Zz Connecticut: Retain Governor Malloy 10/16/2014
2426. Zz Control Freak Caregivers 7/15/2014
2427. Zz Cowkilling Cowboys Want To Murder Wild Horses Too 10/1/2014
2428. Zz Cups Of Toxic Brew 1/3/2014
2429. Zz Cut Burn And Poison: The Toxic Cancer Industry Of Surgery, Radiation And Chemotherapy 7/18/2014
2430. Zz Daniel S Loeb And Ashtanga Yoga 8/26/2014
2431. Zz Do Vegan Prisoners Have A Right To Nonviolent Food? 3/24/2014
2432. Zz Ebola Litany 10/23/2014
2433. Zz Ernest Johnson, Md 11/24/2014
2434. Zz Famous Vegetarians Vegans And Fruitarians 3/4/2015
2435. Zz Fish Can'T Scream. Their Flesh Is Radioactive, Neurotoxic, And Carcinogenic 6/21/2014
2436. Zz Followers Of The Avatar 12/23/2014
2437. Zz Food Stamps: Over 50% Spent On Lethal Animal And Fish Flesh Eggs And Dairy 2/7/2014
2438. Zz Fruitarian Diet: Healthiest, Highest Yield Per Acre, Most Nonviolent, Most Reforesting 1/2/2014
2439. Zz George Harrison, Steve Jobs, And Paramahansa Yogananda 11/17/2014
2440. Zz Hazards To Wildlife 6/12/2014
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phoenix birds

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The Way Of Buddhism

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Issa saw from
the great Buddha's nose
a starling fly
Perhaps in the desert
Jesus saw a scorpion crawl

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