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Saiom Shriver Poems

2561. Zz Cows On Fire In Washington. Usda Won'T Let Montana Use Firefighting Helicopters -new- 8/26/2015
2562. Zz Cups Of Toxic Brew 1/3/2014
2563. Zz Cut Burn And Poison: The Toxic Cancer Industry Of Surgery, Radiation And Chemotherapy 7/18/2014
2564. Zz Daniel S Loeb And Ashtanga Yoga 8/26/2014
2565. Zz Do Vegan Prisoners Have A Right To Nonviolent Food? 3/24/2014
2566. Zz Ebola Litany 10/23/2014
2567. Zz Ernest Johnson, Md 11/24/2014
2568. Zz Famous Vegetarians Vegans And Fruitarians 3/4/2015
2569. Zz Fish Can'T Scream. Their Flesh Is Radioactive, Neurotoxic, And Carcinogenic 6/21/2014
2570. Zz Followers Of The Avatar 12/23/2014
2571. Zz Food Stamps: Over 50% Spent On Lethal Animal And Fish Flesh Eggs And Dairy 2/7/2014
2572. Zz Fruitarian Diet: Healthiest, Highest Yield Per Acre, Most Nonviolent, Most Reforesting 1/2/2014
2573. Zz George Harrison, Steve Jobs, And Paramahansa Yogananda 11/17/2014
2574. Zz Hazards To Wildlife 6/12/2014
2575. Zz Help The U.S. Join The Civilized World. Vote Out Serially Killing Judges, Governors 11/1/2014
2576. Zz How Lou Gehrig And Mao Tse Tung Got Lou Gehrig's Disase 8/22/2014
2577. Zz How The Us Government Can Save Trillions 4/8/2014
2578. Zz Inteligence 5/26/2015
2579. Zz Internet Or Books 5/2/2014
2580. Zz Inventions By Indians For Which Others Have Been Given Credit 5/11/2015
2581. Zz Isaac Tigrett, Sai Baba And The Hard Rock Cafe 1/19/2014
2582. Zz Ken Saro-Wiwa And Richard North Patterson 10/8/2014
2583. Zz Known Cures For Cancer 8/1/2015
2584. Zz Legacy Of Obama, The Republican Senate And Republican House 6/26/2015
2585. Zz Lethal Gardasil 10/15/2014
2586. Zz Lou Gehrig's Diet -new- 8/21/2015
2587. Zz Lustbusters 9/23/2014
2588. Zz Master Of Miracles 12/8/2014
2589. Zz Mike Nichols Dead At 83 11/20/2014
2590. Zz Myriad Reasons To Stop Eating Animals 1/4/2014
2591. Zz Ohio: Reasons To Vote Out Kasich 10/9/2014
2592. Zz One Source Of Human Depression 12/6/2014
2593. Zz Only 2 Of 18 Republican Candidates For Us President Have Publicly Opposed Bush Obama Wars 7/22/2015
2594. Zz Pope Francis: Pope Of The Poor, Of Mother Earth, Of Prisoners 7/12/2015
2595. Zz Pres. Carter's Grandson 10/4/2014
2596. Zz Prince Charles, Artist 6/13/2015
2597. Zz Republican Dominated Supreme Court Strikes Again 7/23/2015
2598. Zz Rod Serling And His Guru 9/22/2014
2599. Zz Sathya Sai Baba And B7 12/30/2014
2600. Zz Serial Killers Who Had Animal Abusing Childhoods 7/12/2015
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phoenix birds

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Slipping Earth Ties


Fire has left the hearth
Nautilus climbed from shell
Perfume flowed from bottle
Prisoner gone from cell

Butterfly flutterbied cocoon

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