sallam yassin

Veteran Poet - 1,888 Points (05/06/1968 / Hargeisa, Somaliland)

sallam yassin Poems

121. Entrench 1/22/2014
122. Exctract Of Mind 1/15/2014
123. Explosive True 9/2/2014
124. Extra Plus 8/28/2013
125. Eyes Of Night And Daylight 10/29/2013
126. Eyes' Warm Touch 10/27/2013
127. Face Of Face In A Mirror 9/30/2013
128. Fact 7/21/2013
129. Fair In Love Fairish 2/12/2013
130. Faith=life+love 9/11/2012
131. Firm Land 7/19/2014
132. First Buds Of Spring- Happy New Year 12/29/2013
133. Fish Vs. Fisherman 1/13/2013
134. Flowers Of All The Time 9/21/2013
135. Flowers Of The Desert 9/20/2013
136. Fool Loser 11/28/2012
137. Fool Of Your Love 3/25/2013
138. For Me Mother Is The World 5/2/2013
139. For My Friend 10/1/2013
140. For My Sister 11/24/2012
141. For My Song You Are Star 1/23/2013
142. For The Four Seasons 5/10/2013
143. Freedom For All 1/8/2013
144. Freedom In Dream 7/23/2014
145. Friends _R_ Us 1/23/2014
146. Friendship Shine For True-The Moon 9/19/2013
147. Frog On Pug 7/30/2014
148. From Mecca 10/7/2013
149. Fruits Of Human 1/29/2014
150. Garden Of Stone 6/27/2013
151. Geisha's Smile 11/27/2012
152. Getting Old 3/20/2014
153. Gift Of Season Christmas My Heart 12/22/2013
154. Give And Take In Love 2/25/2013
155. Give Me 3/31/2013
156. Give Me Or Take 5/10/2013
157. Glad 7/12/2013
158. God's Love In Spring 3/15/2014
159. Golden Mo 8/16/2013
160. Grace 3/18/2013
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A Lonely Tree

At a road where the road off
where lonesome is a road
at mid of no where
A lonely tree is standing there
waiting no one but the dust
dust of the passing time
tarnishing the color of this tree
this lonely tree to gray
praying in this lonely place
for the passing van
A gray lonely van
for the lonely bird
staying for a while
when the nights come
and days go
the lonely tree; praying there
when the wars rage and peace,
walks shy
the lonely tree praying for the peace
no one is waiting there
but the lonely tree is waiting
the ...

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You Are More

the earth is all what I own
But the water is where I came from
And the sky is all what I wait for
Oh you are all what I will take for
'cause you are all my home for my heart all
you are my earth my sea and more
you are my sun and my soul or more
you are my pass; my pain and too more
and power for tommrow or too more

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