Sammi Ama

Sammi Ama Poems

1. The Cure 7/7/2013
2. Nightmares Of You 7/7/2013
3. Filling Up The Pieces 7/7/2013
4. Smoke & Mirrors 7/7/2013
5. Growing Up Doesn'T Change The Important Things 7/7/2013
6. The Truth Is Wrong 7/7/2013
7. Know Your Conversions 7/7/2013
8. If You Would Really Like To Know 7/29/2013
9. Things Were Better Than They Are 8/11/2013
10. Numbered Ghosts 8/15/2013
11. Forget Freedom 8/31/2013
12. Trailblazing 9/3/2013
13. Surreal, Sleepy Tangles 1/19/2014
14. I Took A Test That Told Me The Percentage Of Good I Had In Me 9/14/2014
15. With The City Right Behind Me 9/14/2014
16. Untitled 9/14/2014
17. I Ask About Myself A Lot 9/14/2014
18. He Thinks You'Re Perfect Because You'Re Still Alive 11/30/2014
19. Promises Don'T Have Much Value, But Hopefully These Stanzas Will Prove That This One Does 11/30/2014
20. A Cloud's Suit 11/30/2014
21. Prologue From The Afterglow 11/30/2014
22. Pointless Things Shouldn'T Effect The Way You Think So Ardently 12/15/2014
23. Foul Is Fair 12/15/2014
24. Today, Already 2/23/2015
25. I Told Myself I’d Regret It In The Morning, But I Knew That Was A Lie 7/7/2013
26. You'Ll Find Me In The Mediterranean 7/7/2013
27. Cracked 7/7/2013
28. Don'T Scratch Inexplicable Itches 7/7/2013
29. Stormy Weather 7/16/2013
30. Fossils & Artifacts 7/24/2013
31. The People You Will Meet But Never Really Know 7/7/2013
32. How-To: Live 9/14/2014
33. What High School Taught Me... 7/7/2013
Best Poem of Sammi Ama

What High School Taught Me...

Freshmen year,
the only boy who wanted me
was older, handsome, and
knew exactly what he was doing when
he smiled and told me that I smelled of strawberries and thunderstorms.
So smart and so certain he would win whatever
game he saw in me
but unfortunately for him, I became clever and
he got distracted by the butterflies and
And that was when I learned that just because
I didn’t have the ability to love,
I did have the ability to make people love me.

Sophomore year,
more boys tried to convince me
they were good enough
by spewing out...

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Nightmares Of You

I cannot sleep at night
Because when i do
Romantically dark images
Slip into my dreams

They put you in the
Most beautiful light
But then they
Slit your throat
And make me
Watch you bleed

I cannot sleep
I cannot sleep

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