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What High School Taught Me...

Freshmen year,
the only boy who wanted me
was older, handsome, and
knew exactly what he was doing when
he smiled and told me that I smelled of strawberries and thunderstorms.
So smart and so certain he would win whatever
game he saw in me
but unfortunately for him, I became clever and
he got distracted by the butterflies and
And that was when I learned that just because
I didn’t have the ability to love,
I did have the ability to make people love me.

Sophomore year,
more boys tried to convince me
they were good enough
by spewing out...

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The Cure

Writing saved who I was then.
Writing stitched back together my open wounds.
Funny how their words were what cut my skin
But my own words were what I needed to heal.

Writing is helping who I am now.
Writing is what's keeping me from falling apart again.
Funny how my pain is caused by something different
But it has the same solution as the last time.

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