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Scott Minar

Poems of Scott Minar

1. A Meeting on the Heights 7/20/2014
2. Allons Mes Enfants 6/25/2014
3. Corrupted Image 6/25/2014
4. Parade Floats of Famous Literati 7/20/2014
5. Report from Hades 6/25/2014
6. Revisiting Snow Man 6/24/2014
7. The Sky's Letter 7/20/2014

A Meeting on the Heights

Despite language difficulties it came
to a meeting on the heights.
— Zbigniew Herbert, trans. Alissa Valles

On the last rock of Olympus sits a god
no one knows, his ancient head over-leafed
with wisdom and more than a bit of pain
from holding Prometheus under water
after liberation. His hands

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