Secrets Of The Dark

Secrets Of The Dark Poems

1. I Rember 4/20/2012
2. My Maze 4/20/2012
3. You...Why Me? 4/23/2012
4. You Never Left 4/30/2012
5. Chains, Scars, Memories, And Me 5/4/2012
6. Change Did Not Change My Love For You 5/24/2012
7. You Killed Me In Many Ways 6/12/2012
8. Would You Do What I'D Do For You? 6/18/2012
9. I'Ve Been Searching For My Someone 6/19/2012
10. The Breaking Of My Stone Heart 6/23/2012
11. Black Wings 7/30/2012
12. My Truthful But Heartless Answer 1/15/2013
13. What You Can'T Forget Is Regret 1/15/2013
14. What True Peacefulness Is Called 1/16/2013
15. What I Am And What I'M Not 2/17/2013
16. Waiting For My End 3/5/2013
17. The Actor Is You 6/5/2013
18. Do You My Dear 6/6/2013
19. My Wish My Dream 4/23/2013
20. Living In The Darkness 4/8/2012
21. Ending Time 4/9/2012
22. When It's No More 4/9/2012
23. Your My Dream 4/15/2012
24. The Dieing Me 4/15/2012
25. The Lonely Star Gazer 10/17/2013
26. What Happens When We Close Our Eyes 12/28/2012
27. I Will Always 4/8/2013
28. How We Will Know 12/28/2012
29. Monster Monster 4/16/2012
30. Peaceful Blue Sky 9/23/2012
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Peaceful Blue Sky

As I soar with out streached wings and as the breaze of the wind swims over my wings. I peacefully surrender all my bad thoughts. Letting them flow away with the wind ...

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When It's No More

When time ends and all else fails
When raindrops fall and go no where
When our sun that shines shines no more
When are glowing stars shine no more
When thunder calls but has no reply
When all else ends and all else dies
As the ending of time comes drawing near
When the time of death comes drawing near
When the purpose of life seems to be nothing no more

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