Secrets Of The Dark

Poems of Secrets Of The Dark

1. Black Wings 7/30/2012
2. Chains, Scars, Memories, and me 5/4/2012
3. Change Did Not Change My Love For You 5/24/2012
4. Do You My Dear 6/6/2013
5. Ending Time 4/9/2012
6. How we will know 12/28/2012
7. I Rember 4/20/2012
8. I Will Always 4/8/2013
9. I've Been Searching For My Someone 6/19/2012
10. Living in the darkness 4/8/2012
11. Monster Monster 4/16/2012
12. My Maze 4/20/2012
13. My Truthful But Heartless Answer 1/15/2013
14. My Wish My Dream 4/23/2013
15. Peaceful Blue Sky 9/23/2012
16. The Actor Is You 6/5/2013
17. The Breaking Of My Stone Heart 6/23/2012
18. The dieing me 4/15/2012
19. The Lonely Star Gazer 10/17/2013
20. Waiting For My End 3/5/2013

Living in the darkness

living in the darkness does things to you
it tares you from the inside out
ripping you slowly till you have nothing
but ashes from the flames that consumed your life
taking every breath of happiness and stabing you in the heart
stinging you deeply were your eyes can't see
killing you slowly until your left with nothing
leaving you bundled up in a corner
feeling empty and alone

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