Secrets Of The Dark

Secrets Of The Dark Poems

1. I Rember 4/20/2012
2. My Maze 4/20/2012
3. You...Why Me? 4/23/2012
4. You Never Left 4/30/2012
5. Chains, Scars, Memories, And Me 5/4/2012
6. Change Did Not Change My Love For You 5/24/2012
7. You Killed Me In Many Ways 6/12/2012
8. Would You Do What I'D Do For You? 6/18/2012
9. I'Ve Been Searching For My Someone 6/19/2012
10. The Breaking Of My Stone Heart 6/23/2012
11. Black Wings 7/30/2012
12. My Truthful But Heartless Answer 1/15/2013
13. What You Can'T Forget Is Regret 1/15/2013
14. What True Peacefulness Is Called 1/16/2013
15. What I Am And What I'M Not 2/17/2013
16. Waiting For My End 3/5/2013
17. The Actor Is You 6/5/2013
18. Do You My Dear 6/6/2013
19. My Wish My Dream 4/23/2013
20. Living In The Darkness 4/8/2012
21. Ending Time 4/9/2012
22. When It's No More 4/9/2012
23. Your My Dream 4/15/2012
24. The Dieing Me 4/15/2012
25. The Lonely Star Gazer 10/17/2013
26. What Happens When We Close Our Eyes 12/28/2012
27. I Will Always 4/8/2013
28. How We Will Know 12/28/2012
29. Monster Monster 4/16/2012
30. Peaceful Blue Sky 9/23/2012
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Peaceful Blue Sky

As I soar with out streached wings and as the breaze of the wind swims over my wings. I peacefully surrender all my bad thoughts. Letting them flow away with the wind ...

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The Dieing Me

I don't think anybody could feel the way I
everything's gone wrong
I'm sitten here wonder'en why I'm all alone
why my heart is broken
and why I'm sitting here writing this sad depressed poem
broken in a million pieces
broken beyond far from repair
thats were my heart lays shattered beyhond repair
the place were things are broken far from repair

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