Shalom Freedman

Gold Star - 7,766 Points (Troy New York)

Shalom Freedman Poems

3161. With Sickness Comes Sadness 3/23/2009
3162. Without A Poem 9/15/2008
3163. Without A Poem / I Lose The Meaning Of My Life 9/6/2011
3164. Without A Poem/ I Am Lost 3/9/2009
3165. Without Beauty 10/18/2008
3166. Without God 5/27/2014
3167. Without Our Dreams We Cannot Be 1/16/2012
3168. Without Our Friends 2/11/2014
3169. Without Poetry 10/4/2012
3170. Without Poetry I Write Poetry To Stay Alive 6/4/2014
3171. Without Words 1/15/2009
3172. Words Against Death 1/14/2008
3173. Words Are All I Have Tried To Make Greatness Out Of 8/18/2008
3174. Words Die Too 8/26/2014
3175. Words Of The Morning/Of The Distant Longing 11/24/2012
3176. Worn Out And Weary Each Night 1/23/2013
3177. Writing Now 12/2/2015
3178. Writing Poetry / As A Way Of Life 7/21/2008
3179. Writing Saved My Life 10/30/2008
3180. Yahrtzeit For Ma (Edith Zeibert Freedman) 5/1/2008
3181. Yahrtzeit For Ma Sixteen Years 4/26/2014
3182. Yes I Hear The Rhythm Of The Biblical Poetry I Love 6/3/2012
3183. Yesterday I Saw The Sea Again 11/19/2013
3184. Yet Another Poem About The Poet And The Poem 12/29/2011
3185. Yom Kippur 5773 9/25/2012
3186. Yonah Is Not Standing Where Only God Is 9/24/2012
3187. You Are Happy To Be Alive 12/30/2014
3188. You Are Nowhere In Your Work 4/30/2014
3189. You Are Vaster 5/5/2008
3190. You Can Read The Poems Of Others As Your Own 3/4/2013
3191. You Cannot Be Anyone But Yourself 4/4/2014
3192. You Complimented My Poem And I Did Not Have The Consideration To Read Yours 5/11/2012
3193. You Will Never Be Again What You Were 2/18/2013
Best Poem of Shalom Freedman

Poems About Poems About Poems

Poems about poems about poems-
More poems and more poems and more poems-
Poems poems poems poems poems-
How many poems?
How much poetry
Until there is no poetry at all?

But only 'words' and 'words' and 'words'
Until one goes far away
Where there was never a poem before-
And suddenly hears
“Let there be Light”.

And Poetry perhaps
Is born again.

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My Poem Is Me


My poem is me
Not the greatness I would be
Small Poetry.

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