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1. Good Morning My Sunshine 5/21/2012
2. Good Morning My Angel 5/21/2012
3. Tears Of Joy! 5/22/2012
4. Thank You For The Laughter And The Drying Of My Tears 5/17/2012
5. Guardian Angels Watch Over You! 5/14/2012
6. In My Darkest Hour! 5/25/2012
7. Fate Or Destiny 5/15/2012
8. As He Begins To Kiss My Neck 5/17/2012
9. I Am There For You 6/4/2012
10. I'D Cross A Fire 5/21/2012
11. I'Ll Be Here Waiting! 5/21/2012
12. Goodnight Mr. Moon! 5/21/2012
13. In The Arms My Angel 6/3/2012
14. I Promise You This! 5/21/2012
15. Good Morning Mother Earth 5/14/2012
16. You Are My Angel 5/14/2012
17. What You Mean To Me 5/17/2012
18. That Beautiful Special Person In My Life 5/17/2012
19. Happy Earth Day! 5/21/2012
20. Never Have You Left My Mind! 5/17/2012
21. The Smile You Bring To Me! 5/17/2012
22. I'Ll Be Your One! 5/21/2012
23. Tired Of It All! 5/21/2012
24. How Much Do I Love Thee! 5/22/2012
25. How Special You Are! 5/26/2012
26. Words That Describe My Love For You 5/30/2012
27. My Love For You 6/1/2012
28. Treasure Of My World! 5/23/2012
29. Burning Desire! 5/23/2012
30. In A Heartbeat 2/1/2013
31. A Dream? 9/21/2013
32. So Many Times 12/1/2013
33. When You 12/5/2013
34. The Sound Of Rain 5/17/2012
35. The Pale Moonlight 5/17/2012
36. The Little Princess In My Life 5/17/2012
37. That Wonderful Beautiful Face! 5/17/2012
38. Fate Or Destiny For Me 5/15/2012
39. Desire You Always 5/17/2012
40. The Dream Weaver 5/14/2012
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Good Morning My Sunshine

Good morning my sunshine!

Good morning my beautiful sunshine who shines upon my face,
You are but the one I want and no one can take your place!

The halo of your love and the beam of glowing light,
Lets me look beyond eternity with a positive sight!

The beautiful angel face that I see in front of me,
I hold so close to my heart and soul locked with a key!

Your wings and arms that reach out and touch me,
Will sweep away my fears; build dreams for me to see!

Your angelic voice is like a choir singing music to me,
Calling me closer so ...

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Listen Your Heart

Listen to your Heart!

I hear you voice whisper in the wall,
Stay with me forever you will not fall!

To face the day with perilous flight,
I will guide you every day and every night!

Listen to your hearts as its beats for you,

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