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175. A Dream Concert 7/12/2011
176. A Cry For Peace 7/27/2011
177. A Child Inside 7/3/2011
178. A Bulling Mind 7/6/2011
179. A Bike Leads To Love 10/17/2011
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A Child Inside

i have a burning feeling inside,
like i am been torn apart,
the pain is unbearable,
the flashbacks are the worst,
nightmares are taken the toll on me,
i wish it was all gone there,
are times like now when i wish i was never,

is this due to the feeling i was to blame?
this was all my fault,
he kept saying to me. if i told they would,
not belive me,
and i would be taking away,

could i have dealt? with all the problems,
in a driffrent way,
all this is wrong,

i feel like i what to die right now,

i need help ...

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A Hug

when you dream at night or have a daydream,
they are plays that we wish could come true,
talk or even a cry can help in ways that no-one,
else can understand,
so when someone else is having a rotton day,
make it brighter by a smile a hug a hello,
could be just as good.

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