Shashikant Nishant Sharma

Rookie (03 September,1988 / Sonepur, Saran, Bihar, India)

Shashikant Nishant Sharma Poems

81. It's Better To Forget All 6/9/2012
82. Judge Of Justice (Why This Poverty) 6/4/2012
83. Knowledge 5/9/2012
84. Learn From Others 7/11/2012
85. Lessons From Cooking Food 6/17/2012
86. Lessons From The Life Of Flowers 5/14/2012
87. Levels Of Sub-Consciousness 5/14/2012
88. Liberty Or Naxalism 5/14/2012
89. Life Is A Mystery 7/11/2012
90. Little Events And Moments 6/17/2012
91. Little Things Make Life Wonderful 5/17/2012
92. Lively Loving Logics For Life 4/30/2012
93. Lonely 5/9/2012
94. Lonely For You Only 5/9/2012
95. Loser And Winner 9/26/2012
96. Love And Friendship 5/5/2012
97. Love Your Work 6/22/2012
98. Marriage Mystery 5/16/2012
99. Measure Of Success 6/9/2012
100. Metro Girl 6/9/2012
101. Mockery Of Ozone Depletion 7/3/2012
102. Money Is Honey 5/17/2012
103. Morning Is The Best Time 4/29/2012
104. My Country 6/5/2012
105. My Family 6/17/2012
106. My Little World 6/17/2012
107. My Marvelous Country 6/9/2012
108. My Wall Clock 9/26/2012
109. Mystery Of Alcohol 5/16/2012
110. Nature's Mood In The Wood 6/5/2012
111. New Year 6/17/2012
112. News 5/16/2012
113. Nothing Last For Ever 5/11/2012
114. O Beautiful Butterfly 5/29/2012
115. O Beautiful Lady 5/30/2012
116. O My Darling 5/28/2012
117. O My Grandmother 5/30/2012
118. O My Mighty God 6/17/2012
119. O My Sweet Heart 6/5/2012
120. Oh Rain Come Agian 7/3/2012
Best Poem of Shashikant Nishant Sharma

A Short Love Story

Started with meetings and greetings
Talked a lot in few sublime seatings
When I asked her name
She told very soon
My name is moon
I asked what do you want and why
She told me with a shy, sky
My dream is to fly so high
When I asked when you will meet next
She remained silent and later text
During the dawn of Doomsday
I thought and pondered all day
She had told with eyes filled of tear
I asked from what you fear my dear
She expressed the consequences of love
I thought she must have experienced love
Wanted to know who hurt her feeling
The last ...

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तेरी पलकें झुकीं झुकीं

तेरी पलकें झुकी झुकी जो उठती है
कोई जादू सा असर हमपे करती है
क्या बताएं तू कैसी लगती है
जान तू जानशीन लगती है
तेरी बातों में न जाने कैसा जादू है
मेरी दिल को तेरी ही आरजू है
तेरी तिरछी झुकी नजरों का समां है
तेरी मदभरी ओठें जाम छलकती है
कोई जादू सा...

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