sheniqua lowery

(august,6th,1990 / seattle, washington)

Poems of sheniqua lowery

1. 2009/accomplishments 10/27/2009
2. 2010 12/26/2009
3. 4 years gone 10/27/2009
4. Blog Come Join 10/27/2009
5. Dont push me 10/22/2009
6. every moment you are here 10/27/2009
7. Facing reality! 10/22/2009
8. Fear 10/22/2009
9. Hmmm 12/26/2009
10. I am still alive 1/7/2010
11. I Love My Life Ay Ay Ay ;) I Mean My Sibs :) Ay Ay Ay 10/27/2009
12. i love you mommy 10/27/2009
13. I love you sister 10/27/2009
14. I miss the way you touch me 12/26/2009
15. I pleadge 10/22/2009
16. im gonna get there guys! ! 10/27/2009
17. im here, can you hear me, i made it! (: 10/27/2009
18. It Feels great! 1/7/2010
19. iv seen you 10/27/2009
20. larrisa 10/27/2009


The only thing you should fear is yourself and how you will be able to make it in this crazy world, let alone survive it.

Don't let News scare you because only you can scare yourself no matter how bad they may take it it's never worse then dying.

If it were my day to die i take it and go on through the gates because i know i will be accepted no matter how i look.

I am a beliver and so should yooh.

My fear is of heights but i accomplised that by climbing the i.e.r rock in seattle a co

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