Smile Henry

Smile Henry Poems

1. Life 11/24/2008
2. Lights 9/9/2009
3. Silence 11/9/2009
4. Get Up! 11/9/2009
5. Thinking 12/21/2009
6. Late Beginnings 3/15/2010
7. You Ever? 2/4/2011
8. The Climb 11/9/2009
9. Pitter Patter Pitter Patter 1/30/2009
10. Times Have Changed 1/24/2009
11. Cold, It's So Cold 3/15/2010
12. Have I Forgotten? 1/24/2009
13. Words Cannot Express 2/3/2009
14. Home Again 11/6/2009
15. Believe 11/26/2011
16. Thanks 9/3/2009
17. A Yearning Heart 1/3/2009
18. Tree 11/6/2009
Best Poem of Smile Henry


Majestic, tall, strong
Powerful, life giving, aged
Food, seeds hope

Am I a tree? Am I a tree?
Majestic, tall and strong
a tree, am I this tree?

Could I be a tree?
Powerful, life giving, aged
a tree, am I this tree?

I want to be a tree.
Food, seeds, hope
A tree, I am this tree.

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Have I Forgotten?

Have I forgotten all the great things that have been?
Why is there no smile on my face?
Why is there no rejoicing in my bones?
Why have I no pep in my step?
Have I forgotten?

Have I forgotten?
The beautiful blue sky on a comfortable cool day?
Have I forgotten?

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