Stephanie Leon

Rookie (12-23-1988 / Texas)

Poems of Stephanie Leon

1. God 2/21/2009
2. Hear me please 2/21/2009
3. Iam here for you 2/16/2009
4. Memories 2/16/2009
5. Never 2/8/2010
6. Never Change 2/17/2009
7. Only as a friend 2/8/2010
8. Scared 2/8/2010
9. Sometimes, Why? 2/21/2009
10. What is life called 2/21/2009
11. Why 2/21/2009
12. Your eyes lie 2/8/2010

Never Change

I love you for who you are and i hope that you never change, but there are somethings that do bother me, like the words you say.
I know you don't mean to hurt me but it kills me inside to hear say those words, it's like you don't even care for what i have inside.
I' am not asking you to change because i love who you are, but just to care a little more about my feelings because your ripping them apart.
I don't never want us to be far and you'll always have a special place in my heart.
Even af

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