Stephen Loomes

Rookie - 139 Points (21ST JUNE 1950 / SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA)

Stephen Loomes Poems

1. The Fine Scaffold Moves 5/23/2013
2. The Only Son 5/23/2013
3. The True Religion 5/24/2013
4. Jealousy 5/24/2013
5. View From Portofino Lighthouse 5/24/2013
6. On A Queue To Fame 5/23/2013
7. When I Was Born 6/8/2013
8. Vlapgod Vos 6/12/2013
9. You Are The Message 6/22/2013
10. Visit To Life 6/22/2013
11. When I Wake Up 6/22/2013
12. A Nod And Wink To Palladas 6/25/2013
13. Tribute To Wilhelm Reich 6/27/2013
14. A Tribute To Arthur Janov 6/30/2013
15. Doing Time 7/4/2013
16. Arrivederci Roma 7/24/2013
17. The Roof Of Night 6/22/2013
18. Maori Blues 8/25/2013
19. Our Meteor 9/3/2013
20. When Shakespeare Wooed Amelia Lanier 9/22/2013
21. Evil's Father 9/22/2013
22. Pollination Of The Orchid 11/23/2013
23. My Circus Tent 8/1/2014
24. Cancer 8/2/2014
25. Out Farther 8/2/2014
26. A Ride On My Suzuki 9/11/2013
27. Wage Slaves 9/20/2013
28. The Shrine 8/26/2014
29. When A Person Becomes An Idea 10/4/2014
30. Miracles 4/18/2015
31. A Gentle Man 5/22/2015
32. The Dog In The Yard 11/15/2014
33. The Nazarene 8/3/2014
34. Solipsism 5/23/2013
35. At Jim Morrison's Grave 5/23/2013
36. Ode To Jim Morrison 5/26/2013
37. A Walk To Mutton Bird Island, Coffs Harbour 6/25/2013
38. Johann Sebastian Bach 9/9/2013
39. Viktor Frankl, Mans Search For Meaning 9/20/2013
40. Tribute To William Blake 5/25/2013
Best Poem of Stephen Loomes

Janis Joplin

So much heart so much love so much need
Janis Joplin I cry to watch your heart bleed
What a talent you brought to the world
Time has seen your legend unfold
How sad that your life was lost to the abyss
Of uncertainty and need, oh how you are missed
What intellect, what talent and a future untold
Such a beautiful woman and so in need of love
It was like a crucifixion to see this talent shoved
By ignorant fools who couldn’t understand
The cruelty when you were young and you so grand
Anyone who had a heart could have saved you from your fate
But when people ...

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1. Birth
You stick your head out and there’s lights blazing and people
Talking and there you are in the middle of this world
Which dances in infinity somewhere around the third planet out
From the sun and what are you supposed to make of it?
Are you going back in a Rolls Royce to some comfy castle
Or are you going to roll around in a cardboard box crying, screaming
Scared beyond sense waiting for the protector who might never come?
And that’s the beginning of life, lying on your back

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