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(28 February 1909 – 16 July 1995 / England)

Poems of Stephen Spender

1. A Childhood 4/22/2010
2. A Stopwatch and an Ordnance Map 4/22/2010
3. An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum 4/22/2010
4. Daybreak 4/22/2010
5. He will Watch the Hawk 4/22/2010
6. I Think Continually 4/22/2010
7. O Night O Trembling Night 4/22/2010
8. On The Pilots Who Destroyed Germany In The Spring Of 1945 4/22/2010
9. On The Third Day 4/22/2010
10. Port Bou 4/22/2010
11. The Labourer In The Vineyard 4/22/2010
12. The Landscape near an Aerodrome 4/22/2010
13. The Pylons 4/22/2010
14. The Room Above the Square 4/22/2010
15. The Shapes of Death 4/22/2010
16. The Trance 4/22/2010
17. Ultima Ratio Regum 4/22/2010

Port Bou

As a child holds a pet,
Arms clutching but with hands that do not join,
And the coiled animal watches the gap
To outer freedom in animal air,
So the earth-and-rock flesh arms of this harbour
Embrace but do not enclose the sea
Which, through a gap, vibrates to the open sea
Where ships and dolphins swim and above is the sun.
In the bright winter sunlight I sit on the stone parapet

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