Steven Elsner

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Steven Elsner Poems

1. People May Change But I Won'T 3/15/2010
2. Sorry But I Can'T Be Here Forever 3/16/2010
3. The Thinking Man Has Died 3/17/2010
4. Help! Society Is In A Dire Situation 3/17/2010
5. I Fell 3/19/2010
6. Feelings Change Along With The Seasons 3/19/2010
7. Your Smile 3/19/2010
8. True Lover 3/20/2010
9. You Keep Me Coming Back For More 3/21/2010
10. My Only Problem 3/23/2010
11. I Couldn'T Let You Out Of My Mind 3/23/2010
12. Adventure Keeps Me Sane 3/24/2010
13. I'M Hurt 3/25/2010
14. Autumn In My Heart 3/26/2010
15. A Little Stanza For You 3/26/2010
16. Burning Bridges 3/13/2010
17. Renewal Is A Grand Feat 3/13/2010
18. True Omissions 3/13/2010
19. Oh My Dearest Summer 3/13/2010
20. My Leap 3/13/2010
21. To Live In A Nightmare 3/13/2010
22. No Worries 3/13/2010
23. When Help Is Needed I Will Be There 3/13/2010
24. Dusk Is Bursting On The Scene 3/14/2010
25. A Laugh Makes Life Worth It 3/14/2010
26. Grab My Hand 3/14/2010
27. That Special Kiss 3/13/2010
28. You'Re Quite The Jester 3/14/2010
29. Condemn Your Judgement 3/14/2010
30. She Did This 4/17/2010
31. Tell Me Why 6/9/2010
32. My Mind Is Gone 6/9/2010
33. Finished 6/9/2010
34. Love 6/17/2010
35. Apologize 6/24/2010
36. Stuck 6/24/2010
37. First Time With You 6/24/2010
38. This Might Be About You 7/2/2010
39. Nothing Left To Say 7/7/2010
40. My Heart's Tongue Tied 7/12/2010
Best Poem of Steven Elsner

Captain America

I've a shield of Vibranium,
And my target is the crimson cranium.
Born into a life of the mundane,
Until I was in the Army, contained.
Swore allegance to the red, white, and blue,
And scientist stuck me with a serum, making dreams come true.
Now I am the pinnacle of man,
Too much a miracle for the simple to understand.

I bring justice from the second world war,
I bring hope when the world can't bear anymore.
I bring the American dream to my every step,
I protect any and all who've ever wept.
I protect anyone with ambition,
To protect and serve ...

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That Special Kiss

When I hold my lips close to you
I know that you are my dream come true
When I hold your hand in mine
I wonder if this is in the grand design

The second our lips meet
My heart does more than skip a beat
The love between us is eternal
the magnetism is infernal

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