Treasure Island

Suicidal Sara

Poems of Suicidal Sara

1. Dallas 06/16/99-11/09/05 (Poem about my cat) 2/8/2008
2. Darkest Places 2/8/2008
3. How Would You Know? ? 2/8/2008
4. I Thought 2/7/2008
5. In My Head 2/8/2008
6. Innocent Suicide 2/8/2008
7. Inside Of Me 2/8/2008
8. It's Because Of You 2/8/2008
9. Out Of Ordinary 2/8/2008
10. So Many Ways 2/8/2008
11. Suicide 2/8/2008
12. Suicide Through The Eyes Of The Beholder 2/8/2008
13. The Champ (Inspired by John Cena) 2/8/2008
14. The Cry For Help 2/8/2008
15. This Life Of Mine 2/8/2008
16. Why? ? ? 2/8/2008

How Would You Know? ?

How would you know what it is like to be me?
I suggest you shut your mouth until you can finally see.
My life is not as easy as some pose it to look you don't know the half of it how many tears that smile took.
Everyday to me is like a whirlwind has struck through it should make it better, but it's worse talking to you.
I have a varity of tragedies each one day by day 'You need to stop right now! ' is all I hear you say.
Well if you fucking knew, how it is to cry to sleep, you wouldn't pok

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