Suicidal Sara

Suicidal Sara Poems

1. I Thought 2/7/2008
2. The Cry For Help 2/8/2008
3. How Would You Know? ? 2/8/2008
4. Dallas 06/16/99-11/09/05 (Poem About My Cat) 2/8/2008
5. Suicide 2/8/2008
6. This Life Of Mine 2/8/2008
7. In My Head 2/8/2008
8. Suicide Through The Eyes Of The Beholder 2/8/2008
9. Darkest Places 2/8/2008
10. It's Because Of You 2/8/2008
11. Out Of Ordinary 2/8/2008
12. Why? ? ? 2/8/2008
13. So Many Ways 2/8/2008
14. The Champ (Inspired By John Cena) 2/8/2008
15. Inside Of Me 2/8/2008
16. Innocent Suicide 2/8/2008
Best Poem of Suicidal Sara

Innocent Suicide

He covers his arm to hide the scar
He remembers someone saying no one cares who you are.
He brought a ticket and came to the dance
He gave socializing one more chance.
He sat in the back from everyone he fled
He cut up his arm and cried as he bled
People kept away as he bled on the floor tears ran down his face as he cut some more
What is he doing how long has he cried they asked as they watched this innocent suicide..

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The Cry For Help

So there she sat, alone and sad wishing for good times she never had.
She was crying for attention, but no one seemed to see the bright and wonderful person that she always longed to be.
She was hated by many and ignored by all so no one noticed as she started to fall.
Everything she loved began to fade away and so she slipped into a depression with nothing left to say.
So then she started to think that there was no way out and whatever hope she may have had turned into hateful doubt.
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