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susan covington

Rookie (March 6th / Utah)

Poems of susan covington

1. A Childs 2/1/2008
2. A Daughters hidden love for her mother 2/1/2008
3. Asleep 1/31/2008
4. Awakend again 2/1/2008
5. Grater than my self 1/31/2008
6. He is the one 2/1/2008
7. Heaven found a way 1/31/2008
8. Her song of freedom 1/31/2008
9. I asked for help 1/31/2008
10. I have seen him 2/1/2008
11. Let me be me please 2/1/2008
12. Simply Alone 2/1/2008
13. Thee Coldest Tear I ever felt 2/1/2008
14. Unknowen to me 2/1/2008
15. Untittled 2/1/2008
16. Who do I trust 2/1/2008
17. Why 1/31/2008

Grater than my self

Beautifully a tear past down my eye In a warmth wonder
An ache in my heart came over me like thunder
I had to take a moment to catch my breath
I felt as if for only a passing moment It came and left
But in this moment the one right now
It’s raining on my heart and beginning to scare
I feel as if my whole life has gone away far
But I now see some thing ahead of me
And it is in my reach but yet I let it be

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