susan covington

Rookie (March 6th / Utah)

Poems of susan covington

1. A Childs 2/1/2008
2. A Daughters hidden love for her mother 2/1/2008
3. Asleep 1/31/2008
4. Awakend again 2/1/2008
5. Grater than my self 1/31/2008
6. He is the one 2/1/2008
7. Heaven found a way 1/31/2008
8. Her song of freedom 1/31/2008
9. I asked for help 1/31/2008
10. I have seen him 2/1/2008
11. Let me be me please 2/1/2008
12. Simply Alone 2/1/2008
13. Thee Coldest Tear I ever felt 2/1/2008
14. Unknowen to me 2/1/2008
15. Untittled 2/1/2008
16. Who do I trust 2/1/2008
17. Why 1/31/2008

Her song of freedom

Under each stone a trapped butterfly can be found
And if you free the butterfly
You shall here the sound of
Some thing so graceful never herd around
She sings of beauty and of the free air
Yet though trapped under there
She still sings of how once a day
She was able to fly her own way
So under this stone of life and tears

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