swetha vvr

Poems of swetha vvr

1. As If 7/6/2012
2. Awaken with par pain 8/31/2012
3. Ballerina O Marina 6/15/2012
4. Beat Bursts 7/17/2012
5. Beauty 5/31/2012
6. Fire painting with water 8/31/2012
7. From Sands of Time-Spirits of Pioneers 5/30/2012
8. In Bruises 6/13/2012
9. Is it a key? Yes its 5/31/2012
10. My Maiden Dream, The Sacred bone 8/31/2012
11. My Space 5/31/2012
12. No Written End 9/23/2012
13. Pinkish Teens 6/2/2012
14. Silence at Daybreak 6/5/2012
15. Siskin, A Sinister 6/17/2012
16. uR iNDiAN 6/24/2012
17. Wanderer 2/21/2014
18. When started somewhere with 8/2/2012
19. Who am I? 5/30/2012

Is it a key? Yes its

The key to open doors of Heaven is.....
The residues of river flows on fertile lands is.....
Your pulse rate when a doctor says 'No problem' is....
The moonbeams in chalk smokes when a sir claims 'No class' is....
Profit for a busy father when he kisses his kid late night, to get
reply as is....
Hug a friend for life's rescue in viva is........
Song of a cuckoo from a branch to spring is....
Dream at an empire's proclaimation 'You win the kingdom' in a game

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