T Ebi Ken Jemine

T Ebi Ken Jemine Poems

1. The Beauty Of New Year 1/4/2012
2. This Christmas 1/5/2012
3. Letter To You, You And You 1/5/2012
4. The Paradise Within 1/5/2012
5. I Wish I Could Cry Everyday 1/5/2012
6. Shoulder My Soul 1/5/2012
7. I'Ll Never Forgive Heaven 1/6/2012
8. Head Between Life 1/11/2012
9. I Laughed Last 1/15/2012
10. Don'T Break Down Yet 1/19/2012
11. Now That I Lost The Only Picture Of You 1/30/2012
12. Time's God. 2/5/2012
13. I Should Have 2/5/2012
14. Trying Is Treasure 2/6/2012
15. Missing My Miss 3/4/2012
16. History Of Love 6/1/2012
17. Mind Against Time 7/2/2012
18. The Eyes Of Another 7/2/2012
19. Never Mind The Painter 7/21/2013
20. He Is Him 7/21/2013
21. A Weeping River 7/22/2013
22. A Sleeping Yellow Flower 7/22/2013
23. That's Not My Picture 7/22/2013
24. Reverence From The Hill Top 8/26/2013
25. Life 8/26/2013
26. The Perfect Nose 5/23/2013
27. My Eyes Conversing Away (London Summer) 5/23/2013
28. What I'D And I'Ll Do 9/26/2013
29. Do Live To Learn 10/7/2013
30. Political Osmosis 10/16/2013
31. History Of Life 10/27/2013
32. Have Yourself Very Little Merry Christmas 12/25/2013
33. His Will & My Will 1/6/2014
34. Meddling Mind 1/31/2014
35. Beautiful Sunday 3/2/2014
36. Catalyst (Rubbing Shoulder With Angels) 1/4/2015
37. The Land's Still Green 12/30/2012
38. Silent Tears 1/7/2013
39. The Hairs On The Back Of My Neck 4/15/2013
40. She Stopped Dancing 5/23/2013
Best Poem of T Ebi Ken Jemine

My Pillow My Best Friend

My pillow, my best friend
Many reasons to say thank you
Few seasons to say everything
It's raining again, Be my roof

The golden silent, we share 
Warm me more than the sun shine
You never say anything 
In this kind of longest night

You carry the sea of my tears
All along the long and dark nights
You comfort my head while I stream
You listen to every word of my tears 

Sometime, I hold you, grab you hardly
Overtime,  you're there as a soldier
You're everything that never nag
Many nights, you took the rain so stilly

Help, ...

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The Paradise Within

Everything starts from within.
Within us there is a place,
Place within us dwells a person.
Person within us acts as a baby,
A baby that befriends laughter.

Laughter, the greatest Doctor.
Doctor that nurses with smile.
Smile and let there be laughter

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