Treasure Island

Tamisha Bellamy

(January 25 1988-)

Poems of Tamisha Bellamy

1. A Simple Wish List 6/10/2009
2. Beautiful 9/15/2011
3. Bittersweet Sparrow 4/6/2012
4. Calling For Artist's Hands 5/19/2012
5. Emotions 6/10/2009
6. Florida Sun 6/15/2011
7. Free Will 6/29/2011
8. Freedom 6/15/2009
9. Gray Fantasy 5/19/2012
10. Have You Ever Wondered Why 6/29/2011
11. 'He is, She is' 11/7/2007
12. Heaven's Gates 12/12/2011
13. I Need Only You 6/15/2011
14. Ice Cold 1/10/2012
15. In Love With A Stalker 4/30/2009
16. In The Woods 6/13/2011
17. Lady Liberty 6/19/2012
18. Leap and Grip 12/2/2011
19. Leave Me Alone 6/10/2009
20. Lighthouse 9/22/2011

'He is, She is'

He is a prince who lives in India.
He is a very wise man, and that is why his people trust him.
In the future he will be the heir to his father's throne, and hold the power of his country and the fate of his own.
But what no knows is that he is keeping a secret.

While he walks down the street, there is a boiling fireball in his chest.
It burns and eats away at his soul.
Every single glance he throws at a man, or every respectable hand that grips his wrist- oh it's so hard to hide his emo

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