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Terry Vanee

(08/13/88 / waterloo ontario)

Poems of Terry Vanee

1. I Will Always Love You 3/9/2010
2. Im Sorry 3/9/2010
3. my sunshine 3/10/2010
4. now your gone 3/10/2010
5. To My Lil Croisant 3/9/2010
6. waitin for your call 3/10/2010
7. wen i cried 3/10/2010

waitin for your call

Waitin for your call
I'm sittin here waitin for your call... waitin.....will you ever call: (you won't will you...cause its better this won't hurt as much this way....that's wat I keep tellin myself! ...will you slowly disapear...will we ever c eachother again...or will you say it hurts to c my I jus keep puttin this fake smile on...pretendin its gunna b ok! its gunna b its not gunna b ok....I lost you my love my lil we're m

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