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Timothy Honeycutt

Poems of Timothy Honeycutt

1. a friend 4/22/2009
2. angel 6/26/2009
3. As I Walk with you 12/31/2008
4. as the sun sets 12/1/2009
5. beautiful child 6/17/2009
6. beautifuly bound 3/27/2009
7. beauty 12/30/2008
8. beauty is a treasure 3/5/2009
9. beauty of a child 3/10/2009
10. beauty of my eyes 9/1/2009
11. being blue 5/20/2009
12. Bell Bottoms 4/20/2009
13. brothers 4/23/2009
14. child is a treasure 8/14/2009
15. cradle to grave 6/9/2009
16. dance 6/18/2009
17. demon of sleep 3/25/2009
18. Drawn to you 7/8/2009
19. dream of you 10/16/2009
20. early morning 1/5/2009


I am devastated by your beauty daily—
I wonder what God had in mind to torment men on this earth to look upon such beauty as yours on this earth.
Much like the forbidden flower of Eden so beautiful but so far from my reach.

I see the ghost of sympathy in men’s eyes when they look upon your beauty.
To not touch such beauty it like a garden among the summer sun with no rain to nourish it only to wither in the heat of the sun.

I understand you belong to another and are not meant for me.

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