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Tom Zart Poems

801. The Coal Miner, Dads At War & Little Baby 3/20/2012
802. The Cold Days Of Winter 1/26/2015
803. The Courage Of Faith 9/3/2014
804. The Devil Twists God's Words & Desires. 10/25/2014
805. The Devils Of Darkness 2/19/2015
806. The Door To Our Heart 4/6/2014
807. The Doors Of Life 5/24/2014
808. The First One To Love Me Was God 11/2/2013
809. The First One To Love Me Was Jesus 3/17/2012
810. The Footsteps Of Life & Love 11/1/2014
811. The Goodness Of God 9/4/2014
812. The Hell-Hounds Of Slavery 3/24/2015
813. The King Of Christmas = By Most Published Poet 11/12/2011
814. The Loneliness Of War & Ultimate Sacrifice 5/28/2012
815. The Lord Is With You 10/28/2014
816. The Love Of Christ 7/24/2013
817. The Mad Dogs Of Man & American Soldiers 3/14/2012
818. The Magic Of Love. 1/7/2015
819. The Miracle Of Christmas 12/9/2014
820. The Misdeeds Of Man 1/24/2014
821. The Old Rugged Cross 12/9/2014
822. The Passion Of Christ 3/27/2015
823. The Passion Of Love 3/8/2014
824. The Passion Of Our Purpose 4/15/2014
825. The Path Of Delivery 11/2/2014
826. The Pitfalls Of Life 7/5/2015
827. The Pot Farmer & Body Heat 1o5 2/22/2012
828. The Pot Farmer = 2014 3/8/2012
829. The Pot Farmer Will Replace Tobacco 2/5/2014
830. The Pot Farmer, Love, Wine & Facebook 6/18/2013
831. The Power Of Facebook Money Love & Sex 1/9/2013
832. The Power Of Faith 11/16/2012
833. The Power Of Faith & God's Will 3/24/2013
834. The Power Of Faith! 10/31/2014
835. The Power Of God & The Devil's Hand 12/6/2014
836. The Power Of Love 12/31/2012
837. The Power Of Love & Faith 1/13/2013
838. The Power Of Love Is Free To Share 5/31/2013
839. The Power Of Obedience! 7/8/2015
840. The Power Of Pot & Love 2/16/2013
Best Poem of Tom Zart

' David And Goliath, Jesus & Darts Of The Devil'


David, the shepherd, a tender of sheep
Would pray to his God before he would sleep.
One day he awoke to the roar of beasts
A bear and a lion in search of a feast.

David slew both with his knife and his hand
Though still just a boy and not yet a man.
The Lord's love for David was proven once again
When he challenged the champion of the Philistine men.

Goliath's beastly fingers and hideous toes
Made David more selective with the stones that he chose.
One for the giant, he knew he would slay
Four more for his brothers ...

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American Soldier Poem

It’s not a priest that gives us our freedom of religion
And it’s not a reporter that gives us our freedom of voice.
It’s not any judge, lawyer, politician, or teacher
But the blood of a soldier that has sacrificed by choice.

Our soldiers line up to be remembered
As the best of the best at their job.
They wish to be needed and depended on
To save all we love from the mob.

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