Traci Peace

(San Francisco)

Poems of Traci Peace

1. For Awhile 4/13/2009
2. How you make me feel 4/13/2009
3. I Can't Explain 6/9/2011
4. Last Night 4/15/2009
5. Love 6/9/2011
6. Love is Known 3/12/2013
7. Making Love 6/9/2011
8. Moms 4/15/2009
9. Romance 4/13/2009
10. The Kiss 4/13/2009

How you make me feel

Your Attraction
Gives me satisfaction
Your style
Makes me smile
Your scent
Makes me discontent
Your eyes
makes me get into disguise
Your voice
Makes me moist
Your hug
makes my heart thug
Your hands
Makes me give commands
Your touch
Is just too much

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