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41. To Know You Were There 7/13/2006
42. Timeless Wonderland Of Love 4/21/2007
43. Three Babies Assault Pediatrician 3/9/2007
44. This Prayer Is For You 6/3/2007
45. This Morning As I Awakened 7/9/2006
46. This ‘religion’ Called Global Warming 8/22/2007
47. Thirty Billion Minimum 6/1/2009
48. 'There’s Poetry In Writing A Winning Lyric' (And Great Satisfaction In Writing A Fine Poem) 6/22/2006
49. There’s No Better Comfort Than The Lord 7/11/2006
50. 'Them's Fightin' Words' 6/15/2006
51. 'The Undisclosed Unknown' 6/27/2006
52. The True Meaning Of Evol 10/9/2006
53. 'The Smart People Who Don’t Read Him Are Very Smart People” – Badda Bing….! ! ! 12/4/2006
54. The Sarcastic Crotch 8/25/2006
55. 'The Rabbit And The Pretty Wild Flower' 6/13/2006
56. The Punk Who Shot The Deputy 9/29/2006
57. The Problem Was You 10/16/2006
58. The Phony World Of Apologies 4/13/2007
59. The Perfect Murder On The Perfect Day 2/16/2007
60. The People Want Peace 6/27/2006
61. The Passion Of You 6/24/2006
62. 'The Opossum Sings' 6/7/2006
63. The Methane Button” (Haiku) 1/24/2007
64. The Mental Giant Song (Nursery Rhyme) 6/19/2007
65. The Last Breath Of Life Proceeds Death 9/27/2006
66. The Image Of Christmas 2/25/2007
67. 'The Hot, Hot, Star That Rules The Earth' 6/21/2006
68. 'The Greatest American Legend' 6/25/2006
69. 'The Gift And The Curse Of Technology' 6/25/2006
70. The Ghost Of Halloween Past 10/17/2006
71. 'The Fool Has Been Revealed” 9/29/2006
72. 'The Falcon Rides The Wind' 6/6/2006
73. The Day The Earth Was Destroyed 3/18/2007
74. The Day Before The Day – 9/10 9/11/2006
75. The Culture Of Stupidity 1/7/2007
76. The Culture Of Stupidity 7/24/2007
77. The Crotch To Watch 2/25/2007
78. Thank You Normen 8/9/2006
79. Text Messaged Sex 8/7/2009
80. 'Tasting The Blame Game' 6/15/2006
Best Poem of Trade Martin

Poemhunter Sitcom Skirmish Has Me Hysterical

OK, everyone involved…..,
I’m stayin’ on the sidelines…..,
Can’t get in the middle of this one….,
You’re all too strong for me…..,
This is a battle of the PoemHunter sexes…..,
You know who you are…..,
Please go to your corners….,
For a minute…..,
Take a deep breath….,
And come out writing…..,

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'You Violate My Dreams'

Strange as it seems…, you Violate My Dreams…,
I feel you there…, touching my hair…,
Kissing my lips…, as my heart does flips…,
You make me succumb…, as my body goes numb….,

In my brain there’s a will…, in my spine there’s a thrill…,
You’re like taking a pill…, and tumbling down a hill…,
Strange as it seems…, you Violate My Dreams…,
You’re a fantasy that never comes true….,

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