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41. Daydream Chasin’ In A Mental Rehab 2/1/2007
42. Decaffeinated By Choice 3/21/2007
43. Deception In The Air 3/2/2007
44. Easter Prayer For President Obama’s Birth Certificate 4/24/2011
45. Electrified Romance 4/1/2007
46. Façade Of Sympathy 8/18/2006
47. 'Fantasy' 6/11/2006
48. Fantasy Wish 6/15/2006
49. 'Father's Day Prayer' 6/19/2016
50. Fomehunter Pun 3/18/2007
51. 'Foolish Little Foolish One' 7/7/2006
52. Fools On Parade 7/20/2006
53. Fortune In Counterfeit Bills 12/30/2006
54. Ghost Of Karl Marx Speaks 6/19/2007
55. Gimme Some Of What Howlin’s Drinkin 3/3/2007
56. Global Warming 6/21/2006
57. Global Warming On The Dawning Of Christmas 2/2/2007
58. Gold Bullion Free 3/1/2007
59. Guess What God? 8/27/2006
60. Haiku, Picture, Rhyme, Anything 5/30/2007
61. 'Hazy Humid Mornin'' 6/19/2006
62. Holy Hosanna 7/13/2006
63. Honor Our Lost Heroes Forever 9/11/2006
64. 'Horses And Trains' 6/17/2006
65. How ‘bout ‘doo Be Dit And The Dinks’ Howlin’? 2/10/2007
66. Howlin’ Is Growlin’ Again 2/8/2007
67. Hysterical Valentine With A Fraudulent Design 2/14/2012
68. 'I Believe In America' 6/7/2006
69. I Can’t Repeat The Dream 6/29/2006
70. 'I Can'T Relate' 6/29/2006
71. 'I Can'T Think Now' 6/11/2006
72. I Could Fall In Love With You 7/13/2006
73. I Lost My Ferret On Christmas 7/30/2007
74. I Lost My Wallet On Christmas 4/10/2007
75. I Wanted To See You Before 6/29/2006
76. I Wouldn’t Be Sorry If We’d Never Met 4/22/2007
77. I’d Love To Stop Loving You 10/23/2006
78. If You Die, I’ll Kill You 6/6/2007
79. In Support Of The Stork 8/10/2006
80. Independent Thinking 1/13/2007
Best Poem of Trade Martin

You’ve Been Our Inspiration

We look to you…., to be our guide….,
Our hearts can feel you…., by our side….,
Deep in our souls…, we're convinced…,
You’ve Been Our Inspiration….,
You’ve Been Our Inspiration.

Can you realize…., all you are…,
Something more…, than just a star….,
Through ups and downs….,
From where we came….,
Confidence kicked in….,
And who’s to blame….? ? ?
No doubt it’s you….,
You, you, you….,
We're blessed by you....,
You’ve Been Our Inspiration….,
You’ve Been Our Inspiration.

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'You Violate My Dreams'

Strange as it seems…, you Violate My Dreams…,
I feel you there…, touching my hair…,
Kissing my lips…, as my heart does flips…,
You make me succumb…, as my body goes numb….,

In my brain there’s a will…, in my spine there’s a thrill…,
You’re like taking a pill…, and tumbling down a hill…,
Strange as it seems…, you Violate My Dreams…,
You’re a fantasy that never comes true….,

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