Tyler Mason

Tyler Mason Poems

1. A New Year 6/26/2005
2. Macedonia 6/26/2005
3. The Unavoidable Truth 6/26/2005
4. Mulberry M'Am 6/26/2005
5. Quiet Dawn 6/26/2005
6. Journey On 6/26/2005
7. Carry On, Wings (For Oliver) 6/26/2005
8. Something Is Calling Me Someplace...(But Bells) 6/26/2005
9. Angel Eyes 8/6/2005
10. Sweet Anise 8/6/2005
11. The Search 10/20/2005
12. The Dust Collector 6/23/2005
13. Night 8/7/2005
14. A Joyous Woe, A Woeful Joy 8/28/2005
15. Saw I, 8/28/2005
16. Summer She Saw 9/7/2005
17. Dead Man's Villanelle 9/29/2005
18. Collecting Leaves 11/8/2005
19. A Trip Into Town 12/3/2005
20. Love Is A Cave 8/4/2005
21. Milady 8/6/2005
22. Look Not Away, But Near 9/29/2005
23. The Wind 6/26/2005
24. The World's End 6/26/2005
25. Where's The Silver? 8/24/2005
Best Poem of Tyler Mason

Where's The Silver?

Colors, colors everywhere
Colors all around

Reds and purples and blues are there
But silver can't be found

I look around, and now I've found some yellows and some greens
I look until my eyes are sore, but silver can't be seen

I look unto the vibrant clouds, but there's no silver lining
Where is all the silver that the miners should be mining?

There are no silver bells a'ringing
The silver songbirds are not singing
The orange sun hangs in the air, but I can't find silver anywhere

I look for hours, look for days, look for silver ...

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The Wind

All day long I sit on the limb of a withering old oak tree
'Loft caverns of clouds and sterling shrouds
I watch till the Sunlight's wee

Peaceful and simple, Morning and me
Cerulean wimple, the Sky wears she
Vermillion cheeks that glow when she's shy
But never have I, seen the Wind go by

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