Udaya R. Tennakoon

Udaya R. Tennakoon Poems

81. Crime Of Regime 5/2/2013
82. Curtains And Windows 3/13/2016
83. Darkness Of The Pain 12/9/2013
84. Das Glück Meiner Kindheit Und Verbotene Fruchte 5/27/2015
85. Das Lied Der Flüchtlinge 11/1/2015
86. Death Before The Death 9/19/2015
87. Democratic Nations 1/3/2016
88. Democratic Silence 8/25/2013
89. Der Weg Und Dich 5/20/2015
90. Die Entäuschung 7/6/2014
91. Die Klatschen 10/2/2014
92. Difference Of Difference 7/26/2014
93. Directions 6/28/2015
94. Disappearance 8/29/2012
95. Do Not Disturb 6/21/2015
96. Don’t Know 5/10/2013
97. Dream In Jail 8/29/2012
98. Drinking Song- බීමත් ගීතය- By William Butler Yeats 6/16/2015
99. Drought In Mind 6/24/2012
100. Each Other 9/13/2012
101. Ein Bild Und Mein Vorbild 7/6/2014
102. Elected Leader 12/5/2013
103. Electronic President 8/29/2012
104. End Of The Autumn 10/20/2013
105. Endless Dream 11/29/2015
106. Endless End 3/25/2015
107. Entered By The Cemetery On Winter Evening 1/15/2016
108. Evening Hunger 9/15/2012
109. Evening Hunger- Another Version -new- 4/18/2016
110. Evening Walk 9/7/2012
111. Ex- Change 12/29/2013
112. Failure 6/14/2014
113. February 14 2/13/2016
114. Fishing The Peace Fischer Is Gone 10/18/2015
115. Flock Together To Defeat Evil 9/23/2012
116. Followers Of The Followers 4/2/2016
117. For Tomorrow And The Day After 3/21/2016
118. Forbidden Fruit 1/5/2013
119. Forbidden Happiness 8/14/2014
120. Forget Or Forgive Or Fight 7/15/2014
Best Poem of Udaya R. Tennakoon

I Am A Star Because Of You So Far

I am a star
Larger than the moon
Size cannot be seen
I’m because of so far

My brightness and light
More powerful than the sun
It doesn’t feel
As the moon is so close

I am an outsider
And also an exoplanet*
To the solar system
And far away from light years

I ‘m also a moon
But not a parasite
And but more sensitive
To the dark and to the moon
But a star to you
Because of so far

Though I bring the light
To the thick darkness
You have been cheated and mislead
As it is moon
Because of we both are so far
At two ...

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Women And Epistemology

Inside mysterious world
Makes it to view the universe
Unsolved, paralyzed realm in constructed history
Women is given a simile, metaphor
and a prejudice to be a moon
that survive of the reflection of Sun
that is used for the fantasy of beauty
belief of the epistemology made by man
Truth of chapters in tenses

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