unknown cahill

Rookie [nakota] (unknown / unknown)

Poems of unknown cahill

1. 5 small things 9/16/2013
2. Death 4/7/2013
3. Grass in the Wind 8/11/2013
4. Night Skies 4/7/2013
5. Phenomenal! 8/11/2013
6. Shark In The Water (Origanal) 8/13/2013
7. Shell (A Bit Like Trust) 8/13/2013
8. Trust (A Note) 8/13/2013

Grass in the Wind

The grass is rather bendy
sometimes rather trendy.
when wind blows the grass
it bends.

wind is unseen.
you may have seen it in a dream.
it can turn and twist and dive.
it can blow a bee hive.

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