Treasure Island

unknown cahill

[nakota] (unknown / unknown)

Poems of unknown cahill

1. 5 small things 9/16/2013
2. Death 4/7/2013
3. Grass in the Wind 8/11/2013
4. Night Skies 4/7/2013
5. Phenomenal! 8/11/2013
6. Shark In The Water (Origanal) 8/13/2013
7. Shell (A Bit Like Trust) 8/13/2013
8. Trust (A Note) 8/13/2013

Trust (A Note)

trust is a note
a note that was made
it went threw the mail
it came out again

when trust is no more
the note was in the mail
it went to one
but never came to you.

[Hata Bildir]