Varun Sivashankar

Varun Sivashankar Poems

1. The Tree Outside My Room 2/21/2013
2. The Cloud 3/3/2013
3. Observing Colours 3/3/2013
4. My Adventures In The Sea 3/3/2013
5. Seasons 3/3/2013
6. Life 3/3/2013
7. On A Swing 3/7/2013
8. My Brother's Excuses 3/7/2013
9. The Doctor's Fear 3/7/2013
10. Sights From A Train 3/7/2013
11. Stars 3/7/2013
12. Another World: Dreams 3/7/2013
13. 21st December: The End Of The World 3/7/2013
14. God 11/27/2014
15. Exams 3/7/2013
16. My Dad's Work 3/7/2013
17. Cricket 3/7/2013
Best Poem of Varun Sivashankar


No doubt one of my favourite games,
Is none other than cricket,
I like the high emotions when,
There is a six or a wicket.

When it's a close match,
We bite our nails,
When our team wins,
Our players we appreciate.

Cricket is the best game far and wide,
I am sure that I am right.
We spend all our pounds and pence,
To see sixes and fours racing to the fence.

ODIs are interesting,
Ticket sellers are few,
And people who want ODI tickets,
Have a long, long queue.

Cricket is the best,
Forget the rest,
And the chosen ...

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Observing Colours

Colours are everywhere,
Where to begin, let's see,
From the blue of the sky,
Or the green of the tree?

The lovely red primroses,
Standing in the grass,
Or the colour of shining metal,
Like lovely polished brass?

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