veeraiyah subbulakshmi

Poems of veeraiyah subbulakshmi

581. No more tears! watch your actions! 7/8/2012
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590. Not A Screen Play 8/2/2013
591. not a secret! 3/3/2013
592. not a secret.. 1/1/2013
593. Not A Story! 9/30/2012
594. Not Clean and Clear 11/4/2013
595. not everyone.. 1/29/2013
596. Not only today, but always.. 5/11/2013
597. not still but under control.. 11/22/2013
598. Not The Calf Love.. 1/31/2014
599. not to me and not to us.. 4/29/2012
600. not to rewind.. 5/26/2012

We Will Be Left Alone

We are left alone as babies in the cradle,
We are left alone as riders on the saddle,
We are left alone as debtors to the dismay,
We are left alone as candidates to convey.

The parents leave us alone when we are young,
Then we leave them alone when they are old,
When sorrow keeps us alone, it is too sad,
When the lifeless form is left alone, it is not bad.

[Hata Bildir]