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Poems of veeraiyah subbulakshmi

1. A bag of air! 10/11/2012
2. A bait and I. 4/16/2012
3. A Bird In the left: the heart.. 11/8/2013
4. A Bit More! 11/11/2012
5. A book. 5/26/2012
6. a bottle full of love! 12/21/2012
7. a bow and an arrow.. 8/24/2012
8. a broken heart always weeps.. 6/10/2013
9. a butterfly girl! 12/20/2012
10. a butterfly story.. 1/3/2014
11. a castle in the heart.. 12/8/2013
12. a ceremony on the bed! 12/5/2012
13. A Challenge 7/31/2013
14. a child from the rain forest! 12/31/2012
15. A Child In A Man 7/16/2012
16. A Crime Of Passion 6/4/2013
17. a cup with a confidence hole.. 1/5/2014
18. a daughter's plea.. 6/13/2012
19. a dawn.. 12/30/2013
20. a december morning in my village! 12/28/2012

Stand Against The Evil

When the doubts are not cleared,
When the truth is not told,
When silence is kept as so dear,
Then the hatred starts to tear.

When the secrets are kept,
When the ill thoughts are nourished,
When sincerity exits out of heart,
Then the hatred begins to manifest.

[Hata Bildir]