Treasure Island

viren dangwal

Poems of viren dangwal

1. dyous(the vedic day god) 1/31/2006
2. manner 2/1/2006
3. poet 1 1/31/2006
4. poet-2 1/31/2006
5. sparrow and the child 2/28/2006
6. the cow 1/31/2006
7. the elephant 2/2/2006
8. time 2/1/2006
9. time-2 2/2/2006
10. Varun(the vedic god of oceans and rivers-He was later downgraded in the heirarchy by Indra) 2/28/2006
11. we women 1/31/2006

sparrow and the child

dont in panic
bang around like this sparrow
into the window pane, the mirror
you will break your beak, tear your claws

dont be afraid of my childs joyous shouts
they come from his excitement and pleasure in
watching you
your heart, small as a corriander seed must be

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