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Poems of Wanda Swim Strunk

1. 20 Versions of Tomorrow 10/23/2005
2. 39 5/25/2006
4. American Geisha 12/29/2005
5. August is the dying month 9/13/2005
6. Bitter as an unripe Orange 10/23/2005
7. Clocks 11/2/2007
8. Come back Kid 11/11/2005
9. Creep 9/13/2005
10. Dirty Kurty 4/3/2006
11. Electric Van Gogh 1/11/2006
12. Human Suitcase 11/11/2005
13. I am holding your eyes hostage 9/13/2005
14. I am quitting my job my friend 5/14/2007
15. I had the most beautiful Dream of you. 9/25/2009
16. I Lack a Feeling 12/12/2005
17. I wanted to be a Willow Tree 11/30/2005
18. If You Were Metal 9/13/2005
19. In the Intimate Hours of the Morning 9/20/2007
20. It is a war so far away 9/25/2009

New York Sucks

New York sucked me into its pavement
Until I became gray and stony too
With it’s constant humming background
Irritating and hypnotic like a Hoover vacuum
Began feeling less like me and more like living scenery
I could move without moving anyone to me
Clustered in I couldn’t get them to move away

I couldn’t get any space to breathe and I was so fucking lonely

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